Will there be a XFR-S?

Will there be a XFR-S?
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The Detroit Auto Show is just around that corner, and Jaguar will show the world the new XFR. This will mark the premiere of Jag’s enlarged 5.0-liter supercharged V8. But now that Jaguar has finished development on the 500 hp engine (which is also already earmarked for other Jaguar cars), what’s it supposed to do now to occupy the time? Why not make the XF’s handling razor sharp?

It’s rumored that Jaguar is working on a new version called the XFR-S. Just like the XKR-S of last summer, its expected to focus strictly on suspension and ride characteristics. The engine should remain untouched.

No word yet if the XFR-S will make it to the U.S., because there’s no official word that the car exists. The XKR-S never made it to the U.S. because our culture wants speed added into our special edition cars. Hopefully we’ve all changed our minds if/when the XFR-S makes its official debut.


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