Is there a market for solar powered cars?

Cars that use battery power, could use the sun to charge up while in use.

Will we ever see a solar powered car?

We see that the car makers are working towards the development of new technologies that are green or eco friendly, yet we very rarely hear much about solar power.

The sun sends out to us warmth and light that we all appreciate and could not survive without, yet there is so much more to the sun, it bathes our planet with solar radiation that we have seen can be manipulated into power by the use of solar panels, yet we are still waiting to see any viable attempt to utilise this. Even with solar panels the use is limited, so why is this? Simply the power generated through solar panels is not enough to power anything substantial, i.e. a car, there are solar powered cars out there but these are small, single seater, very light and slow cars that would never really have a practical use, however we have seen the introduction of battery power in vehicles, and the technology has come along way, therefore surely there is a practical use for solar power to be used in conjunction with battery power, if this could work the use of battery powered cars would be even more attractive as this would mean that the batteries would be charged while the car was in use, therefore increasing the range of the car and eliminating the need to find somewhere to charge so often, thereby enabling the car to travel to other destinations other than from home to somewhere to charge to batteries up in order to return home.

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