You’ve always dreamed of owning a Lamborghini but you don’t have the financial resources to make such a purchase. Well, we have something that - while not exactly the beastly supercar you’ve always wanted – can be considered as the next best thing.

For “just” £40,000 - around $65,000 – you can purchase this wireframe Koeni Lamborghini Countach that was created by renowned British artist Benedict Radcliffe. With only steel tubings to work with, Radcliffe used a total of 160 feet of the 10-millimeter material to create an incredible see-through likeness of the Countach.

Now, of course, you’d be crazy to think that this car is going to take you places but it sure will draw a lot of attention, especially when you consider that at 14 feet long and six feet wide, it’s not exactly something that you’d call subtle.


Source: The Times

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  (708) posted on 01.31.2010

Well, for that much money, I’d rather buy myself a coupe or a luxury SUV. Although it can be a pretty impressive thing to display in your house.

  (708) posted on 01.26.2010

So what will happen if I purchase this wireframe? Construct it on my own. I think that is very arduous. I’d rather buy the original one than get exhausted with trial and errors.

  (515) posted on 01.5.2010

That’s what you call art, this is a good collection to the art lovers. ^rielle i think you can’t blame those people to will buy it.

  (428) posted on 01.5.2010

Creativity at its best! If you’re doing this, you need a detailed plan and perseverance to work on it. Bravo! Benedict Radcliffe is that lucky to have that talent and also on that money, of course it’s not much to buy a Lamborghini Countach but you can buy new BMW for that.

  (859) posted on 01.4.2010

wow that’s a lot of money, so why it was being sold for $65,000? I’d rather buy a real moving car than wasting a lot of money for such a wire.

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