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With A G-Class Face, Is This The Boxiest Coupe In Town Or What?

Designed to be a fundraiser, WILL.I.AM and Mercedes AMG will unveil a bizarre one-off coupe today (05.05.2022)

Will.I.Am and Mercedes-AMG have collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind model, dubbed the WILL.I.AMG. With a G-Class front end and an AMG GT look, the model is set to be unveiled later today.


William James Adams Jr., better known by his stage name Will.I.Am, is a member of the popular pop band Black Eyed Peas as well as a brand ambassador for Mercedes-AMG electrified models. Will.I.Am, along with Mercedes, has teased this special edition vehicle on Instagram.

Will.i.am created a car for Mercedes-AMG that will help fund engineering programs to prepare our youth for a technological tomorrow

The Will.I.AM.G

Perhaps the most intriguing feature from what we can see from these teasers has to be that front end, which is inspired by the legendary G-Class. The round LED headlights, that square snout, and AMG-looking air intakes on the bumper scream nothing else but the mighty G. Now, matching the face of a rugged SUV to a sports car is even more remarkable.

Moving to the side and it’s a different story altogether. While the roofline is reminiscent of an AMG GT coupe or E Class Coupe, the rear end will remind you of an AMG GT 4-door. The four conventional doors have had to make way for two long, now rear-hinged suicide doors and the SLR-style air intakes on the front fenders are a nice touch. All things considered, does all this work together? Well, that is debatable, but you can’t get away from the fact that people will be talking about this one-off car for many years to come.

“Cars are my passion, especially those from AMG. And I love to improve an existing product, to push the limits, and to fuse things that were never supposed to go together; that’s hip hop – the house I was born in. And that’s what drives me – I am honored to be part of AMG’s journey into the future of fantastic hybrid high-performance driving,” said Will.I.Am

The Wait Is Almost Over

With A G-Class Face, Is This The Boxiest Coupe In Town Or What?
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We’ll get to see the Will.I.AMG in all its glory on 05.05.2022

A few hours from now and you’ll realize that what you’re looking at is indeed a real car and not just another digital render. Watch this space.

Catch the live stream here.

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