The impending sale of Saab to supercar makers Koenigsegg has raised a few eyebrows from a lot of people in the auto industry and rightfully so.

The question on everybody’s mind was the motive behind Koenigsegg’s decision to buy a mainstream car brand despite only being a small company that dedicates most of its time and resources on a number of supercars that go for an easy million out on the market.

While talks were still up for negotiations, not a lot of people put too much stock on it until talks began heating up last week and Koenigsegg co-owner came out on the news saying that they’re company has big plans for Saab down the road.

Apparently, one of Koenigsegg’s intentions was to use the resources – most specifically, Saab’s production facilities of electronic vehicles - Saab has accumulated over the years. One of Koenigsegg’s main projects include the production – finally – of its so-called car of the future, the NLV Quant.

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Together with the help of the Swedish government’s aid for alternative vehicle development, Koenigsegg is expected to begin the production of the jaw-dropping Quaint, a car that was developed by Koenigsegg upon the request of the Swedish firm NLV Solar AG, whose advanced studies on photovoltaics and electric power technology resulted in the initial designs for the technology behind the Quant supercar.

The sale of Saab to Koenigsegg would essentially allow the latter to tap into all the technological advancements Saab has developed throughout the years, not the least of which is the number of facilities dedicated to research and development of electronic vehicles.

We’re not yet exactly sure as to how Saab ties up in the ambitious project of bringing the Quant to life, but we’re all happy that they’re on board on this idea because, well, we’ve been waiting a long time for the Quant to roll right out of its pages and out on the street.

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