Dominique Page, a 19-years old woman from Ecourse, MI was driving through Detroit at about 1AM on Friday morning when she noticed that something was wrong with the way her car was handling. The teenaged driver pulled over into a nearby service station, thinking that she had a flat tire, when it was discovered that the problem was indeed much worse - a dead body was wedged into the vehicle’s front suspension.

Apparently she wasn’t the one who hit the man.

Lincoln Park Police Lt. Robert Steele said Page apparently was unaware that she had run over the man as he lay in the street at Annabelle and Schaefer in southwest Detroit — a little less than two miles from where she stopped to check her car.

Police did not charge Page with striking the man — who was identified only as a 43-year-old African-American pending notification of his family.

"The young woman was the not first person to hit him," said Sgt. Eren Stephens Bell, a spokesperson for Detroit Police, which took over the investigation. "He apparently was already a hit-and-run victim when she ran over him."

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