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I’m not sure if William Clayton simply was tired of being asked, "Are we there yet?" or if he was just an observant fellow, but in any case he and his fellow wagon train buddies gave birth to the modern odometer, where a separate gear controls each digit, all the way back in 1847.

Mr. Clayton noticed that 360 revolutions of a wagon wheel equaled approximately a mile, so he attached a red flag and counted its revolutions. Anyone who has been stuck in a "time out" and forced to count to some insanely high number (my son would argue that 10 would qualify) can tell you that such a task gets old very quickly. Mr. Clayton discussed things with a few of his wagon train buddies and the roadometer was born!

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  (318) posted on 05.13.2009

Since we are in to it this time. let me give you an etymological definition for the odometer. The word derives from the Greek words hodós, meaning ’path’ or ’way’, and métron, ’measure’ (an older name for this device is hodometer).

  (289) posted on 05.13.2009

It’s like going back to the history line and knowing how it all started. Now that we have far more advanced technology feeding our automobile development, it means we have long way to go as new and better ways are invented but still we must not forget how car engineering technology all started.

  (421) posted on 05.13.2009

Going back into historical beginnings makes us wonder ow far automobile engineering and technology have gone far with all these inventions and practical discoveries.

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