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Volkswagen might be working hard to broaden its cutting-edge electric offerings as of late, but it isn’t forgetting where it came from, digging deep into its catalogue of classic hits to mate the new with the old. Now, the latest VW icon to get EV’d could be the ever-lovable Beach Buggy.

Fun, Sun, And Ready To Run

1969 HAZ Buggy
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Note: original Meyers Manx Beach Buggy pictured here.

In case you were unaware, the Beach Buggy is an iconic vehicle from the ‘60s, made famous by California race engineer Meyers Manx and best known for its stripped-down performance, unlimited open-top headroom, lighthearted attitude, and endless customizability. And while Manx definitely played the biggest role in the Buggy’s creation, underneath all that fiberglass and Golden State sunshine you’ll find the original Volkswagen Beetle.

Now, keen to bring all that old school cool into the new millennium, Volkswagen might add a new Beach Buggy its growing lineup of “ID” all-electric vehicles.

That’s the latest rumor from our friends at Autocar, who report that a contemporary battery-powered Buggy is currently under “active consideration” by the German automaker behemoth, citing an unnamed source from within Volkswagen.

The report also points to VW’s latest modular electric architecture (or MEB) as the underlying platform, as well as a powertrain sourced from the ID hatchback slated to drop next November.

The rest of it should be imminently familiar to any fan of the original Buggy, and will include an open body, big suspension bits, a two-seater interior, a prominent roll bar, and a plus-sized wheel-and-tire package.

Word Has It Volkswagen Is Developing an ID Electric Beach Buggy High Resolution Exterior
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Note: 2011 Volkswagen Study Buggy Up! pictured here.
If that all sounds pretty exciting to you, then good news - rumor has it we may see the new ID Buggy as soon as 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show.

This isn’t the first time VW has toyed with the idea of introducing a new Buggy. Back in 2011, the Germans introduced a new concept dubbed the Buggy Up!, which carried loads of Meyers Manx-inspired details from front to back.

The new ID Buggy could join several other electrified VW classics, including a new battery-driven Microbus van dubbed the Buzz, and as Autocar reveals, a new five-door hatch that will act as a spiritual successor to the Beetle.

What’s more, if the ID Buggy does indeed become a thing, it’ll join a lineup that also includes a new all-electric crossover dubbed the Crozz, and a new all-electric sedan dubbed the Vizzion.

Does an all-electric Beach Buggy get your attention? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: Autocar

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