Watch out Bugatti, because someone has just has just recorded a land speed record, for an alternatively fueled vehicle. This gas powered Audi A4 sped its way into the pages of the Guinness Book Of World Records with a 225+ MPH run. Under the hood, the four door Audi uses a modified turbocharged 3.0 Liter V6 running on compressed natural gas. An added advantage of the alternative gas is its rating of 120 octane, allowing Hohenester, the tuners which prepared the vehicle, to pile on the boost without worrying about detonation. Although the twin turbo motor makes closer to 800 HP, it was restricted to only 700 ponies for the record setting 226.55 MPH run.

What we want to know is, where to get some CNG for our test fleet.


Source: modernracer

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  (1024) posted on 06.1.2009

Sedans normally don’t need a spoiler because of their weight and longer wider wheebase(keeps the car planted) compared to sports coupes. In terms of straight line speed, I don’t a spoiler would be required. Were it a track car, a spoiler would have been a must otherwise, the vehicle would have toppled over at the first corner.

Spoilers would create thousands of pounds of drag and that would affect the top speed.

You can however improve stability by lowering the car(less wind underneath means less force to keep vehicles from lifting), suspension adjustments and better tyres and rims (prevents floating).

BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.30.2009

So this audi can go that fast well think about it is aerodynamic but alot of manfacturers spend hours trying to keep the car planted on the ground and this audi doesnt even have a spoiler kind of strange

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