It seems like just about any guy who thinks he can "drive" has tried to parallel park using the E-brake at least once. It’s not very often you see someone attempt to do it at a higher speed in reverse, let alone break a world record while doing it. But that is exactly what happened in the video you’re about to watch.

The car is a classic Mini Cooper that is driven by Alastair Moffatt – a man that holds multiple world records, and is a professional stunt drive specialist. That being said, don’t try this in your local grocery store parking lot. Now, this isn’t exactly an easy feat, but Moffatt sure does make it look like it. Starting at an unknown distance from the set parking spot, Moffatt put his foot on the floor and executed a powerfully quick J-turn, then he busted that E-brake at just the right time. The end result: Moffatt successfully slides the Mini Cooper into a spot between two other Mini’s, with a combined distance of just 34 cm (13.385-inches) between the other two cars.

It is quite an accomplishment, I must say, considering the previous record set by Ronny Wechselberger was just 35 cm. It should also be noted that this is a highly competitive record in stunt driving. Either way, you’ve got to hand it to Moffatt – I know people that can’t park a car right in an empty mall parking lot, let alone pull a parking job like this. With that said, click play and enjoy the video.


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