James Bond may be a fictional character to all of us, but the dashing debonair / awesome secret agent is still an inspiration to all of us. Who wouldn’t want to be in his shoes? He’s got a killer job, he scores the hottest women, and best of all - at least in our case - he drives the fanciest cars.

That last part is such an integral part of the Bond legend that an exhibition is actually being planned to showcase the largest collection of James Bond vehicle to ever be displayed. The whole event is being prepared through the collaborative efforts of the UK’s National Motor Museum, Beaulieu and EON Productions, which is doing the groundwork for the event in preparation for the 50th anniversary of Ian Fleming’s Bond franchise.

Around 50 cars are expected to be included in the exhibit highlighted by the 2008 Aston Martin DBS from Quantum of Solace, the 2002 Jaguar XKR with SFX weapons from Die Another Day, the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 from Goldeneye, and the 1937 Phantom lll Rolls-Royce from Goldfinger.

The exhibit will be held at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, United Kingdom and will run the entire length of the 2012 calendar year.

“Following the success of the first Bond cars exhibition staged at Beaulieu in 2001, we are delighted to be working with EON again on this new display, bringing together the world’s largest collection of Bond vehicles, Beaulieu’s Commercial Director, Stephen Munn said.

The exhibit won’t open for another few months, but it’s safe to say that we’ll be dropping by to check it out if we find ourselves in the area next year.


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  (714) posted on 01.27.2012

I want to go to James Bond collection car show. I’m a big fan of James Bond. I want to see the extravagant cars use in James Bond in his movies.

  (797) posted on 01.4.2012

There is no update about this article? I am looking forward on the date of the exhibit. It is now 2012, and I am expecting to know details.

  (419) posted on 10.21.2011

I am hoping for the exhibit to run live on TV. Many 007 fans would surely be awaiting for this event but not all of them may come. James Bond is alive when he is riding on his car with his lovely ladies.

  (676) posted on 09.26.2011

I’m a huge fan of James Bond ever since, and one of the thing I like most to those movies are the cars being used to escape and gave road scenery. What a memory seeing the car.

  (459) posted on 09.1.2011

This car is one of favorite car of James Bond. The design and the styles are great. For me this is the best car in exhibit.

  (384) posted on 08.24.2011

This would be great. We all know that James Bond character is really famous because of his action-packed movies. By the way, the upcoming exhibit will be held only in UK. I hope they can bring it here in US.

  (397) posted on 08.24.2011

The cars have an impressive design and styling. I was impressed with the figure performance of this vehicle as well.

  (383) posted on 08.24.2011

If not mistaken, there’s a James Bond museum. I wonder if all his movie car can be seen here.

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