Sedan drivers wish they were driving supercars. Usually a need for space to haul kids and clients means a Bugatti is not in the driveway. Well rich dads of the world can now unite and get the little ones to soccer practice in record time. German tuner G-Power took a BMW 5-Series and turned it into the world’s fastest sedan.

G-Power now says that it has documented a 228.4 mph top speed on its M5 Hurricane RS. The Hurricane RS seems to accomplish this using brute force, as the V10 engine is massaged to make 750 hp (250 hp more than a stock M5.)

While 228 mph is a great accomplishment, it’s amazing considering that it is only about 29 mph shy of the all-time record set by the SSC Ultimate Aero. While the M5 is based on a sedan built for everyday use, the Aero is a completely custom car that has the aerodynamics and engine specifically built for speed.

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G-POWER breaks existing record

After the record for the world’s fastest BMW sedan, G-POWER did it again and broke the long-standing record of the BRABUS Rocket for the fastest sedan in the world.

In November 2008 the 750 hp strong G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS realised a new top speed of 228,4 mph (367,4 km/h). This speed has been clocked and certified at the ATP High-Speed test track in Papenburg. With it the since October 2006 valid record of 365,7 km/h has been broken.

The G-POWER high-speed world record has been realised with a 20 hp stronger evolution of the famous G-POWER M5 HURRICANE which has been clocked with 360 km/h earlier in 2008 and holds the record for the fastest BMW sedan. The extra power of the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS is the result of two modified superchargers from G-POWER’s technology partner ASA, with enlarged capacity. In the following the boost level of the G-POWER BI-Kompressor system could be raised from 0,7 bar rel. to 0,8 bar rel.

But still the G-POWER BI-Kompressor system has not yet reached its limit. According to CEO and engineer Christian Stöber:” …we can rise the boost level up to 1,0 bar rel. and more” and CEO Zoran Zorneke is of the opinion:” we can still improve, if we see the need for it”

We are curios if this will be necessary…

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