The Lexus LS 460 makes its extraordinary ’performance’ debut at two prestigious summer classical music concerts this August. In a highly innovative and technologically advanced performance, twelve LS 460s will ’perform’ a number of orchestral pieces including two new works written and produced especially for Lexus. The twelve vehicles will be arranged onstage to emulate a typical orchestral layout of individual instruments, with strings, brass, woodwind, basses and percussion being performed by each section. In essence each LS 460 will be carefully positioned with their doors open so that the full effect and quality of the Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound audio system can be fully appreciated by the audience. Every vehicle is a perfectly standard LS 460 SE-L and the only sound the audience will hear will be coming from the car’s standard audio systems, there will be no other PA system in operation during the performances.

Lexus have specially commissioned and created two original works for the concerts. The first is an exciting, uplifting and lively piece called ’Summon The Hero’ which demonstrates the more dynamic and upbeat capabilities of the LS 460’s audio system. The second piece ’Karma Nirvana’ is a gentler, more harmonious and emotive piece produced to show the Mark Levinson audio’s softer side.

Both pieces were composed, orchestrated and produced by Chesney Hawkes (of ’The One And Only’ fame), Chris Nicolaides and Alaister King whose previous credits include work that has featured in a number of film and television productions, amongst them ’Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’, ’Shrek’ and ’Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’. The new pieces were performed and recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and the 20-piece Bach Choir during a day-long session at Air Studios in Hampstead, North London.

The LS 460s will also perform a number of specially recorded classical arrangements including Ravel’s ’Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte’, and Satie’s ’Gymnopédie No. 1’. Each piece lasts approximately five minutes and will be performed during the intervals of the live (human) orchestra performances at the classical music events themselves. There will also be an opportunity for audience members to experience the sound and comfort of the LS 460 for themselves up-close using the audio rig on stage after the performances.

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