• World’s first CO2-free automotive plant combats greenhouse effect

    volvo plant
Volvo Trucks’ plant in Tuve, Sweden, will become the world’s first CO2-free automotive plant. Five large wind power plants and a new biofuel plant generating electricity and heat will eliminate the emission of carbon dioxide, the leading contributor to the greenhouse effect. Volvo has also developed an environmentally-friendly hybrid technology that uses electricity and a diesel engine to power its vehicles. The technology is designed to reduce fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution.

“The Greenhouse Effect is a reality and the automotive industry has a specific responsibility for coping with emissions of carbon dioxide,” says Volvo’s Chief Executive Officer Leif Johansson.

“Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is no easy task,” says Volvo’s Chief Executive Officer Leif Johansson. “But the issue is so important that I believe we must be prepared to try out a variety of different alternatives, if we really want to succeed. Our investment in the Tuve plant is one such effort.”

“This is an area in which Volvo can truly make a contribution,” says Leif Johansson. “If all our plants in Sweden were made CO2-free, the reduction would correspond to a full one percent of Sweden’s total emissions of carbon dioxide.”

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