Enough about best and better, Automotoportal has published a list with the worst cars ever made.

The first was was the Yugo, the cheepest car of the ’80, made in Yugoslavia and brought to the USA thanks to Malcolm Bricklin in 1986. Why is it in the top of the list? Because owners complained basically about everything – engine problems, steering problems, problems with the stereo, problems with the seat belt, problems with the floor.

When is the Ford Punto made since 1971 to 1980. The main problem with this car was the fuel tank, which would burst into flames in rear-end colliosion, the result was: 180 burn deaths, 180 serious burn injuries, 2,100 burned vehicles. Unit Cost: $200,000 per death, $67,000 per injury, $700 per vehicle.

The third one is Peel Trident (1964-1966) - Oh my God this one is ugly too . This toy-spaceship-car
was made on the Isle of Man, located between England and Ireland, and released in 1964.

A more recent one is the Fiat Multipla made in 1997. Maybe is not so bad, it has space and the performance for a minivan is not so bad, but it is really ugly and this is why is in the top worst cars ever.

Back in the ’70 we have the Chevrolet vega (1970-1974). Owners often complained about corrosion. The car was literally falling apart. Things were so bad that someone even reported that his car broke in half when going on railroad tracks. Besides the corrosion, it had problems with oil burning, engine overheating, just poor design.

Source: Automotoportal

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darkstarkarr  (15) posted on 02.1.2008

The picture at the top is a peel trident, the sport version of the peel p50

darkstarkarr  (6023) posted on 08.21.2006

it’s pinto not punto! and the yougo came in the usa in 1985! Gosh!

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