Worst parking job EVER: BMW X5 shows us how not to park

Some say women are the worst drivers while others claim the elderly take the cake. In this situation, it’s both. A 62-year-old, Richmond Hill woman by the name of Tripta Kaushal pleaded guilty on Tuesday to an accident that happened over a year ago outside a gym in Markham. The video shows Kaushal driving her BMW X5 into a parking lot and pulling into a parking space. When she pulls in, you expect her to stop, but no, this overachiever continued the drive and rammed right up two vehicles parked in the adjacent spots. One might think she was receiving a phone call or maybe doing a bit of texting, but at 62, we highly doubt it. The reason behind the underestimation of her parking spot was left unsaid, but fleeing the scene cost her $500 and the ability to drive between 7pm and 7am. Kaushal was also ordered to pay restitution on the two vehicles damaged during her rendition of a Monster Truck Rally. Lucky for her, it seemed her BMW was left unharmed. Way to go, BMW!

Let’s just hope that this little lady thinks twice before getting behind the wheel. You never know, next time she may drive right through the front of a grocery store. Hmmm…we better start doing our shopping between 7pm and 7am.


Source: TheStar

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  (462) posted on 06.23.2011

Honestly, I laugh watching her laid over on those two cars and its a good thing that she manage to get down. The downside is that she wants to escape from the accident that she cause.

  (577) posted on 06.23.2011

Well, I guess this is better compare to the woman that drive a Lexus and yet doesn’t know the parallel parking!haha. Its too obvious that she wanted to escaped but too bad there’s a camera installed in the parking lot.

  (210) posted on 08.3.2010

At first everything was going smoothly..but bang! What happened? Poor old lady, she’s not maybe the worst but one of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen!

  (379) posted on 05.4.2010

I totally agree this is the worst driver I have ever seen. Well, good for her too since no passengers were injured during this incident.

  (765) posted on 04.26.2010

Well, she still have those luck but unfortunately she really did a worst parking ever.

  (379) posted on 04.26.2010

Maybe she thought the accelerator pedal is the break but that was a high jump by bt X5.

  (321) posted on 04.25.2010

this is not the worst, this is just an ass-hole who want to prove something.

  (340) posted on 04.25.2010

Maybe he though the accelerator is the break pedal.

  (612) posted on 04.22.2010

The driver of the M5 should be capture. Let him pay for the damages he did on the 2 cars. Such a freaking and irresponsible driver.

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