Even if we squeezed out every penny from our bank accounts, a lot of us still wouldn’t come close to buying a Ferrari. But suppose there was a way to "own" a Prancing Horse without having to dig deep in your pockets. Would you be interested in such a venture?

Jointli.com has come up with a new way of staking claim to a Ferrari with the idea of "shared ownership." What this means is that instead of leasing a Ferrari outright, you can actually reduce your costs by sharing a Ferrari with other customers.

How does it work? According to Jointli.com, a used 2009 Ferrari F430 will cost you around $175,000. Add all the utilities and maintenance you need to spend on and you’re looking at a cost of ownership of $380 per day.

Compare that to when you’re splitting costs with three other owners with the premise that each owner gets to spend a week with the F430 and that cost drastically cuts down to about $95 per day. Now, for every party to recoup their investment, shared ownership of the F430 will only last one year, at which point, the car is theoretically sold for $165,000 , which will then be divided by four.

So if you really look at it, shared ownership of a Ferrari is the most economical way to say that you have an Italian supercar at your disposal, even if you could only say that for seven days a month. The caveat is finding three other owners that not only wouldn’t mind sharing the supercar with you, but also take care of it the same way you would.

There’s certainly a lot of risk with this arrangement. But if it means paying only $8 an hour to "co-own" a Ferrari F430, it’s a risk a lot of people wouldn’t mind making.


Source: Jointli

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