There have been many different interpretations of the cars of the future in various movies, as well as a plethora of concepts illustrating just how far one could go with their predictions. And while the cars from the movies may only be a part of the storyline, the concepts that designers come up with may just be a window to all of our futures in terms of the rides we will be sporting throughout the streets, or in the air, depending on which direction we go to in the future.

Enter the 2050 BMW M3 designed by Daniel Nikonchik. This concept features Nano Paint, fiber optic door jams, fully down loadable interiors, and millions of nano sized cameras incorporated with the exterior paint. These cameras have the distinct purpose of allowing the occupant to see through the body panels. The data from the cameras are sent to the depth perceiving high definition displays.

And, of course, this is a concept with hydrogen electric propulsion. It features high torque electric motors that are powered by hydrogen power cells with the only byproduct being classic H2O. And if this isn’t enough for you, the rear wheel drive vehicle is designed to open like a flower. Awww, isn’t that sweet.

On an entertainment note, this futuristic BMW also gives owners the ability to customize their ride with the use of a fully digital interior with touch screen displays. These displays allow the owners to move gauges and controls to wherever they deem convenient. You will even be able to download different interiors from the company’s website. Pretty sweet, and highly profitable if they could ever pull it off.


Source: Automotto

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