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The ultimate anti-Hippie car

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If you’re part of the richest 0.1% and want to show off your enormous wealth, you’ll probably resort to buying a really expensive car. As luck would have it, there are many, many multi-million-dollar cars on the market these days and Bentley peppered up that list not too long ago with the Mulliner Bacalar, a $2 million version of the Continental GT Convertible with a speedster-like tonneau cover.

12 were made and all were sold before the rest of the world even got to see the car but Bentley reckoned the Bacalar could sprain even more necks and that’s how the car you see here came to be.

As if a standard Bacalar wasn’t jaw-dropping enough

2021 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar Exterior
- image 889779
The Bacalar comes with a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W-12 engine

Back in March, we were drooling at the insane numbers of the Mulliner Bacalar. Bentley told us at the time that the gold paint seen on the car used for the press photos was made using rice husk ash and it also boasted wood trim pieces on the inside made from tree trunks dating back millennia.

Billed as the "rarest two-door Bentley of the modern era," only a dozen were made and each cost about twice as much as the original Bugatti Veyron did back in '04.

More recently, Bentley launched an internal design competition aimed at its employees and their families. They were all tasked to come up with a cool combination of specs using Bentley’s Bacalar configurator. The winner of the contest was someone named Eleanor and she came up with a multi-colored Bacalar by combining seven shades from Bentley’s endless palette including Dragon Red II, Orange Flame, Yellow Flame, Apple Green, Jetstream II, Sequin Blue, and Azure Purple.

Would You Drive a Rainbow-Colored Bentley Bacalar?
- image 908827

Yellow Flame is the specific tint of the example snapped for the press photos and Dragon Red II was a tint adorning one of the Continental GT’s seen at the second-generation model’s launch event back in 2012. Orange Flame too is a familiar color with the first Bentayga we’ve ever laid eyes on being painted in that exact color.

Beyond the very ’out there’ color combo, this Bacalar also features gold touches on the inside of the spokes of each rim and blue leather upholstery matched with brown wood trim on the dash and interior door panels.

Since you can’t also tune up the oily bits, this Bacalar would feature the same running gear as all the others: a 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W-12 engine making a cool 650 horsepower and 667 pound-feet of torque, all of which gets distributed between the four wheels via an eight-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission. 0-62 mph is completed in just 3.5 seconds en route to a top speed of 200 mph.

Bentley Bacalar specifications
Engine 6.0-liter W-12
Horsepower 650 HP
Torque 667 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph 3.5 seconds
Top Speed 200 mph
2021 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar Exterior
- image 889797
The Bacalar sports fancy headlights with LED strips that bleed into the fenders

We said "would" because this was an online design competition and no Bacalar will be built in this specification. That is, unless one of the 12 lucky owners sees the renders of this rainbow speedster and decides to have his or hers done this way because, as Bentley points out, "anyone is able to imagine their dream specification from Bentley’s unrivalled spectrum of interior and exterior colors."

2021 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar Exterior
- image 889798
The only thing the Bacalar shares with the Continental GT are the door handles

Now, if you think a Bacalar mimicking the aesthetics of a ’60s Hippie van is a bit tacky, we’ll partly agree with you but, then again, a car as rare as this somehow suits a paint job as weird as the seven-tint rainbow. And, as it happens, Bentley’s Director of Design, Stefan Sielaff, was of the same opinion as he was the judge of the competition.

We know you can’t get a Bacalar and even a standard Continental GT Convertible (that, unlike the Bacalar, has a retractable roof!) is a hefty $236,100 away from your driveway (with the W-12 in front of the windshield) but we couldn’t leave you empty-handed so here’s Bentley’s car configurator. Have fun playing!

Source: Motor Trend

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