Ever watch that show American Pickers and hope Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz would come over to your place and pay you for your junk? Mickey Nilsson, 62, of Bardstown, Kentucky had that exact experience, but he was not so pleased with the offer.

"The two knuckleheads from TV show American Pickers (Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz) stopped by here trying to steal from me offering me $200 for my old stuff and said I had no use for it since moonshine was illegal. Although I did sell the chubby one with the beard oil can for $40 before they ticked me off."

Instead of selling his junk, Nilsson grabbed some inspiration from the 1968 musical film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang where a magical flying car was made from junk and created his very own whiskey-powered vehicle. The task took him six months and should be revealed as a concept car in 2014. There are some setbacks however. The world is suffering from a depletion of oil resources, but the average price of Bourbon is $24, making it much more expensive than gasoline. Can’t we bring back the DeLorean from Back to the Future and run cars on our trash? Just a thought.


Source: Automotto

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  (336) posted on 10.19.2011

Wow! Is it still existing? smiley Anyway, I would love to try to drive this one ahahahaha I just hope that it’s not too risky to drive this one....

  (630) posted on 08.8.2011

HAHA! That is right! It will not fit for drunkards. They fuel, which is for the car will be more probably drunk by the owner. With regards to the question, I would not prefer this one. Aside from the fact that it will be expensive, it will offer poor mileage.

  (320) posted on 06.30.2011

Well, if you are a drunkard then this car is not a good choice for you, for you might end up drinking the fuel of the car!hahaha

  (594) posted on 06.30.2011

Although, the car doesn’t look so impressive still I was amazed on their effort to find a solution for the fuel crisis. Electric and hybrid car are a good option but their performance is not that impressive and they are kind of expensive.

  (530) posted on 06.22.2011

I wonder what other crazy stuff they would come up with. The thing that I think really worked out well was the car powered by cooking oil, there are actually a lot of those trying that one now.

  (401) posted on 05.24.2011

Well, getting this baby to run on whiskey is certainly a weird idea. But that one is really promising, since it opens the door for alternative fuels.

  (368) posted on 05.20.2011

Useless car! It’s better if they will return the production of DeLorean DMC-12 compare to this hideous car! BTW, I think they are so much delayed for the celebration of April Fool’s Day!

  (417) posted on 05.20.2011

Now this one is certainly going to be a dilemma. Would you drink the whiskey or
just let the car chug it down? Well, I could probably just walk anyway.

  (276) posted on 05.17.2011

Well, the concept is not really all that new, since a lot of research is being done on alcohol based fuels nowadays. But what makes this one amazing is that he was able to come up with a home made car out of it.

  (367) posted on 05.15.2011


  (433) posted on 05.9.2011

So, they been trying to find an alternative for fuel crisis? But I think the solution that they have find is more expensive! Bourbon is kind of expensive and I cant believe that they just throw and waste the whiskey for fuel sake!

  (613) posted on 05.9.2011

Oh! I don’t know if I would laugh to this car or what! The ethanol powered car is better compare to whiskey-powered vehicle ?? I think that was done for the sake of gimmick!
But seriously, I wonder on how far can it go.

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