It’s not something that seems to happen as much today as it used to, but those of us who learned to drive at any time before the turn of the millennium we’re often lucky enough to get behind the wheel long before we were actually of legal age to drive. I personally learned to drive at the age of 10 under the supervision of my father, however, I learned to drive in a pickup truck and was only allowed to do so on back roads on random occasions. These days, it doesn’t seem to happen as much, but here we have a video of a lucky 11-year-old that not only knows how to drive at such a young age but is shown on camera participating in a drag race against a Corvette. Talk about crazy, right?

The video itself is very short and hasn’t even attained 3,000 views in the seven months that it has been online, but it’s pretty fun to watch. After all, the kid in the driver’s seat is pretty confident, even flashing a peace sign as he rolls up the window in his daddy’s Lamborghini. Shortly thereafter, he rolls into position and next thing you know he’s on his way down the track giving the Corvette a piece of his mind. Now, one could argue that it’s not hard to press the gas and hold the wheel straight, but give the little guy credit – he’s hardly tall enough to see over the wheel. And, after all, he’s racing a Lambo against a Vette, and giving it the business all at the age of 11.

With that said, click play and watch the video. It’s a little novelty to the day that will put a smile on your face.

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