In an interview with the BusinessWeek magazine, Bob Lutz said that the price for the production version of the electric Volt could reach about $48,000. He said that $40,000 is possible only if GM doesn’t make a penny on the car. Only if the government throws on tax incentives for purchasing a Volt, could only take the price close to the $30,000 mark.

And he continued that the Volt is the next big step for GM. Well, yes you know that already, but are you ready to pay that price for an electric car? This is the price tag for most of the luxury-cars available on the market at the moment. So, what will Volt bring that important to worth the price? Well, we will see, won’t we?

Chevrolet Volt Concept was unveiled last year at the Detroit Auto Show. It is powered by the E-flex System – GM’s next-generation electric propulsion system. The Volt is also designed to run on E85, a fuel blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.


Source: Egmcartech

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