The Paris Motor Show isn’t even in the books yet and already car enthusiasts everywhere are preparing their ventures for future shows. Wraptivo is currently working on a design package that will feature a matte black and carbon black film that will wrap around the Honda CR-Z Type-F Concept getting prepared for the SEMA show in November.

In addition to the design package provided by Wraptivo, the concept will get a full aero kit consisting of Honda accessories aero pieces along with other aero components from Japan. The vehicle will also be receiving wheels, race seats, big brakes, and other additions. Going a step further on the tuning front, the Type-F concept will be getting a power increase thanks to a supercharger system, suspension package, an ECU Tune, exhaust system, and other speedy components. The interior will get Recaro seats, a sport shift knob, and alcantara panels.

Of course, one of the main reasons behind this concept is allowing the CR-Z to showcase the effectiveness of the Wraptivo product. The Honda CR-Z Type-F Concept will allow customers to see how this new technology could serve as protection for their factory paint, as well as change the appearance of their car. The particular wrap that will be used on the Type-F will provide customers with a good idea of the durability of the wrap as it will hit the track a week after theSEMA show during the Source Interlink “Super Lap Battle”. We’ll hold our opinions on the matter until after we see it in action!

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Wraptivo™ will produce our very first in house SEMA car in the form of a 2011 Honda CR-Z sport hybrid concept build dubbed “Type-F”.The goal for the Wraptivo™ Honda CR-Z Type-F Concept is to evoke the notion of fun, which lies at the core of the CR-Z DNA while also giving a nod to the spirit and Honda heritage of the CR-Z. The Type-F concept will feature a sportier aesthetic over stock with the use of a combination of Honda Accessories Aero pieces and along with other aero components from Japan. The aero package will be complemented with a design package created to give this concept a special uniqueness yet with a familiarity that is still unmistakably Honda. The vehicle will be wrapped with Wraptivo™ Matte Black and Carbon Black Film while small accents will be left in gloss black. The CR-Z will act as a canvas for Wraptivo to showcase its vehicle wrap options and give customizers a preview of how they can take advantage of this technology as a new way to protect their factory paint while also having the ability to easily change the look of their vehicle.

To increase performance we are looking to develop a supercharger system, suspension package, an ECU Tune, exhaust system, and other components with the help of our technology partners: Honda Accessories, Tein , HKS, BF Goodrich, Volk Racing, Hondata, and others to be confirmed at a later time. Interior enhancements will be subtle but functional. Recaro seats, a sport shift knob, and alcantara panels will be implemented to give the driver a sportier experience for fun filled excursions.

The completed Wraptivo™ Honda CR-Z Type-F will closely resemble the concept rendering created for us by automotive digital illustrator Jon Sibal ( though as the Type-F Concept is still in the early stages of production the final version may differ from the illustration slightly.

The Wraptivo Type-F Concept will make its official debut at the 2010 SEMA Show in the American Honda exhibit while the Wraptivo designer car wraps by Meguiar’s product line will also be launched at the same global event. Visit booth 24643 (in center hall) to learn more about Wraptivo and the American Honda booth to see the Wraptivo CR-Z. From there it is our intention to test all of our performance upgrades by entering the CR-Z Type-F in Source Interlink’s Super Lap Battle time trial event held the week after SEMA’s conclusion.

Updates on the Wraptivo Honda CR-Z Type-F concept will be available on the official Wraptivo™ twitter page (, Facebook page (, as well as on, the official online media partner for the Wraptivo™ Honda CR-Z Type-F Concept. There will also be a feature article and pictorial in an upcoming issue of Import Tuner magazine.

Source: Jonsibal

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  (341) posted on 09.5.2010

That’s a very good and massive upgrade boost for a hybrid car.

  (42) posted on 09.3.2010

a supercharger hybird ehh....i wonder how much more hp/tq this supercharger will give the crz

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