The guys at Wrecked Exotics are at it again, this time they have compiled all of their weirdest crashes. These include cars punching through walls, flying through the air and landing on a church roof, there is even a Suburban that got shot by an F-16; and that is only of the first page. Check out the link below to see the strange ways that people have wrecked their rides.


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (477) posted on 02.7.2010

Must have been the result of another “I’m not drunk and I can drive” sort of thing. But I guess that some people can still drive when they are drunk, I mean take a look on how good this guy parked his car.

  (79) posted on 05.24.2009

I dont see reason to take this picture as funny. I could just imagine the horrible fate of the person driving this car

  (177) posted on 05.24.2009

Some people doesn’t really know how handle the steering wheel and the acellerator, and end up crashing and getting liabilities afterwards

  (289) posted on 05.24.2009

I saw alot of accidents like this one and it is just hard to beleive these could really happen

  (231) posted on 05.24.2009

To be honest, it is fun to see wreaked pictures like this, but wo know there are stories behind it that may not be fun to know at all

  (318) posted on 05.24.2009

No matter how car companies are expending so much on the safety technology, accidents could still hapen and worst could still be so devastating as before

  (314) posted on 05.24.2009

We can only imagine what exactly happen before the accident. But of course yuo could somehow think how devastating it is to end up the hospital with stiches and abd bandages all over your body

  (421) posted on 05.24.2009

This is awful. I could just imagine what happened to the driver given the fact that this is most probably a real accident

  (182) posted on 05.23.2009

@buickart. I followed the link that you posted and by the looks of it, it seems that no one was inside. It’s not that the perpetrator of the crime should be blamed but they should be held responsible. Since you’ve already mentioned about California having the highest rate of hit and run accidents, I read a report that says that there are no statistical context behind this claim.

  (177) posted on 05.23.2009

Last month, I parked my car outside my friend’s house. And a truck had almost hit my car. If it went on, I’m sure it would have looked like something such as this, http://www.wreckedexot d/weirda091.shtml
I’m just thankful that the driver of the car was able to stop the truck just before it hit mine. And I was more thankful that I wasn’t inside. Actually, California has been documented to have the highest number of hit and run cases. And among other states, its not just increasing in number but tops the list of unsolved crimes. But citing my example, I think that we should not blame the suspect of the crime. We should focus more on the plight of the injured and the car owners such as the picture I got from Wreck Exotics website.

  (182) posted on 05.23.2009

Attempts to manufacture a flying cars have a long history. I remember that there was even an attempt to develop a gliding horse cart in the 18 century. But of course it failed or people would be greatly using flying cars by now. Poor Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss. They should have known that driving at a very high speed and missing a turn would make your car fly at 90 degrees and land at the roof of the church.

  (180) posted on 05.23.2009

This is the strongest tree I’ve ever seen.
http://www.wreckede eird/weirda098.shtml Every year thousands of people are involved in automobile accidents. Some of them had serious injuries and even death. The sad part is one of the parties have been negligent to do their share in driving responsibly.

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