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If you’re having a slow day at the office today, we invite you to spend the next 10 minutes of your day watching this. It’s not often that we get to see a car get created, but it’s even rarer for us to see a car get smashed to smithereens. This video from YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys gives us a heavy dose on how cars get treated when they’re sent to scrap yards. Just a reminder: the star of this video isn’t a car; it’s a wrecking ball.

There’s a part of me that feels bad for these cars. As bad a shape as they’re in, I still cringe at the sight of them getting properly introduced to a four-ton wrecking ball that has no conscience whatsoever. No car deserves to have this fate, no matter how messed up it already is.

That said, I actually enjoyed watching this video because of the destruction it provides. This is what happens when a wrecking ball is let loose on unsuspecting cars. The first car to suffer that fate appears to be a Buick Park Avenue sedan. It’s not the kind of car that evokes nostalgia on my part, so I don’t care too much for it. That’s a good thing because the sedan quickly gets demolished to the point that the tires on the other side of the car actually come loose. It’s not a pretty sight.

Next up is the Honda Element, which actually survives in better shape than the Buick. Then again, the term “survive” is relative in this case because the Element still gets whacked hard enough for it to actually flip over. From there, the guys turn their attention to a BMW 3 Series E46 Convertible. Instead of swinging the wrecking ball, a decision was made to instead drop it from a height of 115 feet and let gravity do its thing. The result of that experiment is a completely smashed 3 Series. If you’re a Bimmer fan, you’re probably better off skipping this part of the video.

You can, however, return before the end. There’s a nice bit at the end that properly demonstrates the force of these wrecking balls. Make sure to stick around for that part.


Honda Element

2009 Honda Element
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