Legendary F1 driver Jackie Stewart nicknamed the Nurburgring “The Green Hell” in 1968 after taking victory in a race that saw intense rainstorms and heavy fog, and although the track has undergone many changes since then, it’s still regarded as one of the biggest challenges in motorsport. It’s this string of blacktop that automakers point to when backing up their performance credentials. It’s over 15 miles of terror, a crucible of fire for anyone who dares to traverse its deadly corners. Accidents are commonplace, and so are fatalities, with some estimates placing an average of three to 12 deaths a year and well over 200 deaths total. And now, the FIA World Touring Car Championship will run the ‘Ring six times in the Race of Germany, with the above-featured racers getting in some practice laps before the big event.

Featured in this four-minute video is the high-speed testing of a variety of GT machines, including the Honda Civic, Chevrolet Cruze, Citroen C-Elysee, and Lada Vesta. The cars are decked out in typical touring car fare, with super-wide fenders, big wings and bright liveries. The video is shot on the sidelines with a handheld camera, but watching it, you get a good feeling for the speeds these little race cars can achieve. You’ll get to see a variety of corners, and the sound emitted from the open exhausts is quite entertaining.

Check out the Race of Germany next month, May 15 through 16.


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