• X-Games 15 sets a new standard for rallying

The X-Games has always been an action sports spectacle, ushering in new extreme athletes and introducing the television watching public to never before seen feats of human achievement. One of the more recent additions to ESPN’s X-Games is rally car racing, an event that has created such memorable moments as Collin McRae rolling his golden Suabru on the final jump before going on to finish in second.

For the X-Games 15 competitors will compete on a 2 mile special stage setup that runs through a dirt filled stadium and the surrounding parking lot just like last year. Except this year the drivers will be riding solo, the television experts at ESPN have decided that the co-driver’s seat would be better occupied by two individuals that have ridden shotgun in a rally car before, but this time Chrissie Beavis and Jen Horsey will be going along strictly as ESPN analysts. X-Games producer Phil Orlins suggests, "they’ll be the ultimate firsthand observers.”

Some things to keep in mind when watching these rally prepped machines fly through the air and slide around the tarmac is that while the Rally America series requires a 34 mm turbo inlet restrictor, the X-Games allows a larger 40 mm unit. This means that the rally cars will be making more horsepower and torque allowing even higher speeds around the made for TV course. Even though most of the racing surface is on tarmac, the X-Games requires the cars to run on gravel tires, meaning that the cars will be sliding around a lot more than necessary, but that just makes for better television which can be seen on Sunday, August 2 from 3 PM to 6 PM Eastern on ABC.

Continued after the jump with Collin McRae roll video.

Keep an eye on the race spec Ford Fiestas driven by Swedish rally driver Kenny Brack, X-Games gold medalist Tanner Foust and freestyle motocross legend Brian Deegan in his first attempt behind the wheel of a rally car. Continuing the theme of extreme athletes crossing over into new disciplines at the X-Games you can expect to see D.C. Shoes representative Ken Block, the man who first landed a backflip on a motorcycle Travis Pasatrana and BMX legend Dave Mirra all driving rally prepped Subaru Imprezas.

Source: USA Today

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