• X-Tomi’s Rendering of a Three-Door Urus Proves Lamborghini Should Make One

This is a version of the Urus that we can all get behind

We’re still coming to grips with the long-awaited arrival of the Lamborghini Urus, but that hasn’t stopped artist X-Tomi Design from making us crave once again for a Urus model that may not even come. Just as soon as Lamborghini unveiled the four-door Urus, the rendering genius decided to create a different version of the super SUV, one that has two doors instead of four. This is what a two-door Lamborghini Urus looks like, and it looks incredible.

X-Tomi's Rendering of a Three-Door Urus Proves Lamborghini Should Make One
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The coupe-SUV look of the two-door Urus actually fits more with Lamborghini’s own personality

Before anybody gets their hopes up, a point of order is in order. Lamborghini has made no plans of developing a two-door version of the Urus. It’s not in the cards, at least as far as we know. But that doesn’t mean we can’t wish for one, especially after seeing X-Tomi Design’s rendering. The coupe-SUV look of the two-door Urus actually fits more with Lamborghini’s own personality. That’s not to say that the current four-door Urus looks bland and upright — it’s sexy in its own way — but the two-door version looks sleeker and sexier. In other words, it looks like a proper Lamborghini.

That said, going the route of a two-door setup does have its disadvantages, specifically when it comes to space. Part of what makes the current Urus special is that it has a luxurious interior that goes well with the aggressive exterior. A two-door version could still produce that luxury element, but it’s going to come at the cost of less space in the cabin, particularly in the rear section the high point of luxury is more prominently shown. Lamborghini would have to give up that aspect of the current Urus’ offering if it goes in the direction of a two-door version.

2013 Land Rover Evoque Black Design Pack High Resolution Exterior
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Note: Land Rover Evoque Two-Doors pictured here.

In the event it does offer a two-door Urus in the future, it’s going to enter a market that isn’t as populated as the four-door segment. By and large, companies that have launched two-door SUVs have seen their models crash and burn. The two-door version of the Range Rover Evoque has managed to remain relevant, but the list of crossovers and SUVs that had a similar configuration reads like the obituary section of the Sunday newspaper. Very few models lasted the test of time because customers didn’t want them. A two-door Urus can be an exception because it’s a Lamborghini. Its reputation as a performance car brand allows it to circumvent the usual advantages associated with four-door SUVs, including cabin and cargo space. No one’s going to mistake the Urus for a people-carrier because it really isn’t one in the first place. It’s a high-riding supercar that’s packaged as a four-door SUV.

Know what could potentially be better than that? Get rid of the two rear doors and unleash the Urus as the 650-horsepower super SUV that it really is.


Lamborghini Urus

2019 Lamborghini Urus Exterior
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