The video here isn’t quite like the other XCAR films you’re quite possibly used to seeing. Your regular XCAR hosts aren’t heard from once during it, but since it is all about a car which won’t hit showrooms for quite a while, this is pretty understandable. The car in question is the new 2017 Ford GT, and it is being introduced by a Ford spokesman. This unfortunately means that a lot of what you’ll hear is just marketing and brand promotion, as opposed to actual information about the car. But don’t take that to mean that it isn’t worth watching, because it very much is.

You’ll get to see a lot of footage of the racing version of the GT on the racetrack, as Ford has already spent a lot of time at the track with the upcoming supercar. It seems that Ford is trying to build the cars racing cred even before it goes on sale, it’s probably a good strategy, and it’s one which Honda is using for the new 2016 Acura NSX as well. There is some talk about the car’s design as well, but this again doesn’t get all that technical.

2016 Ford GT Le Mans

2016 Ford GT Le Mans High Resolution Exterior
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The original 1964-1969 Ford GT40 was built to be a race car, and only happened to be streetable. That’s how it came to beat Ferrari at Le Mans, grabbing wins for four consecutive years, the only times any American manufacturer has won at Le Mans. That’s quite a legacy to live up to, and when Ford reintroduced the car 10 years ago, it didn’t even try. The 2005-2006 Ford GT was a great road car that was as fast as it was good looking, but Ford didn’t take it to Le Mans, and there wasn’t a serious push from Ford to race the car.

So the new car is sort of splitting the difference, there will be things specific to road use and others specific to the track, but the two versions will have as much in common as possible. There will be one big difference between the new car and the original though, the original was built for overall wins at La Sarthe, whereas this new one can realistically only hope for a class win. That’s still good, and it’s also the only way to take on Ferrari directly, but it won’t be as earth-shattering as the original wins in the 60s.

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