• xDrive to success: BMW is the number one all-wheel drive supplier in the premium segment

    BMW XDrive
All-wheel drive is on the advance: in the successful year of 2005, one in four of the approximately 1.13 million cars of the brand BMW sold worldwide were fitted with the intelligent all-wheel drive system xDrive. This means that BMW sells more all-wheel drive vehicles than any other premium supplier. This leading position is the result of an attractive model range and the unique functionality of the all-wheel drive system developed by BMW.

BMW xDrive always distributes drive power where it is required. With its outstanding versatility, it not only enhances traction in difficult road conditions but also improves driving dynamics on the road. A further market penetration can be anticipated for BMW xDrive models in the year 2006. This is partially due to the successful models BMW X5 and X3 in the SAV (Sports Activity Vehicles) segment as well as the sedan and touring versions of the BMW 5 Series and 3 Series fitted with xDrive. With 21 models in four model series, the diversity is broader than ever before in the over 20-year history of all-wheel drive at BMW. And it will soon increase further: for 2008 BMW has announced the launch of a new, completely distinctive series with coupé-style design, sporty character, raised seating position and the intelligent all-wheel drive system xDrive. 

Increased driving dynamics and optimum traction in all conditions.}0}

With BMW xDrive, power transmission is controlled by an electronically regulated multi-plate clutch via a power transfer unit. This allows the drive power to be distributed variably between the front and rear axle, always available where it can be most effectively converted into propulsion. The control unit of the all-wheel drive system is linked to the chassis regulation system DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) via internal interfaces. Based on the data provided by DSC, xDrive identifies any tendency to understeer or oversteer early on and counteracts this with a specific alteration of the power distribution. This leads to proactive influencing of driving response which is unique within the competitive field. Starting from a distribution between front and rear axle of 40:60 as is prevalent in normal driving situations, the power distribution can be altered to continuously variable levels. According to the requirements of driving dynamics, the power transmission proportion may vary between 50:50 and 0:100 per cent.. Thus xDrive uniquely enhances directional stability and driving dynamics when taking bends at speed.

Intelligent, quick in response and variable.}0}

On unsurfaced tracks, and over snow and ice too, the BMW xDrive provides maximum traction as well as safe and fast acceleration. Individual wheel spin is suppressed with fast and variable alteration of the power distribution between front and rear axle. Under extreme traction conditions in particular, xDrive works considerably faster and more effectively than conventional all-wheel systems. For example, if when setting off on a snow-covered car park and a cleared road only the front wheels are on a surface with grip, xDrive responds instantly and effectively. Within just 0.1 of a second almost 100 per cent of the power provided by the engine is transferred to the front axle. The otherwise common brake application to the rear axle which causes power loss is thus unnecessary. A BMW with xDrive moves away spontaneously, swiftly and safely.

BMW all-wheel expertise since 1985.}0}

The versatile qualities of all-wheel drive from BMW have a long tradition. In 1985, the BMW 325ix was the first all-wheel drive model of the brand to provide impressive traction as well as fascinating driving dynamics on asphalt. The BMW 525ix followed in 1991, for the first time with variable distribution of drive torque between front and rear axle. All-wheel expertise collected since then has significantly enhanced the thrust of the brand BMW in the SAV market. From the beginning, the BMW X5 (since 1999) and the BMW X3 (since 2003) have been regarded within their segments as benchmarks for a successful combination of high off-road potential and dynamic driving response on the road. Since then the range of all-wheel drive sedans and touring models of the BMW 3 Series has been further extended. The BMW 330ix, the BMW 325ix and the BMW 330dx have been offered since 2000 with the all-wheel drive system, which was first offered with the BMW X5. In 2003, BMW finally presented the intelligent all-wheel drive system xDrive in both the BMW X5 and BMW X3.

One in four BMW vehicles fitted with xDrive.}0}

BMW now offers 21 models in four model series with the intelligent all-wheel system xDrive. In addition to its variety, the success of the all-wheel drive models increases continuously. In 2005 one in four newly registered BMW was fitted with x Drive. Current sales figures indicate that this share will further increase in 2006.

Even now, BMW sells more all-wheel drive vehicles than any other premium supplier worldwide. And this leading position is not just due to the great demand for the regular xDrive models BMW X5 and BMW X3. Together they achieved in Germany in 2005 a market share of 18.5 per cent within their segment. This means that BMW was the most successful brand in the category of off-road vehicles. But in the category of sedan and touring models too, the all-wheel drive versions have achieved a clearly dominating position in some markets. Interestingly enough, the sales success of xDrive is particularly high in the Alpine countries of Austria, Italy and Switzerland. In these countries, over 65 per cent of the models BMW 530i, BMW 525i and BMW 530d were sold in the all-wheel drive version in 2005. The absolute top model is the BMW 530d Touring: in Austria it is sold in 80 per cent of cases with xDrive as the BMW 530xd Touring.

In Switzerland, the BMW 330i has achieved a similar all-wheel drive quota: in four out of five orders, the choice here falls on the 330xi. All in all, the BMW 330xi, BMW 325xi and BMW 330xd achieve an internal model market share of over 60 per cent in Switzerland. Anyone who is familiar with the all-wheel drive models and with these countries at the heart of Europe will not be surprised by the figures. Lots of snow, steep mountain passes, winding roads – these are ideal conditions for BMW’s intelligent all-wheel drive system xDrive to display its qualities 365 days a year.

1.000.000 all-wheel drive vehicles have been sold since the first BMW all-wheel drive model 325ix was introduced in 1985 – 500.000 of them with xDrive.

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