How many have a chance for production, though?

Creating hype about a certain product is an inevitability in a tiresome process of developing a brand. I believe that amateur car renderings do play a role in that field and they also provide the car manufacturers with an easy way to sense the pulse of the market and test some ideas.

As it turns out, X-Tomi Design is definitely one of the most respected in this field. Some wait to see his digital works on new cars almost as eagerly as the actual new car photographs. While he really tries to do his best on every new car that comes out, it seems that his imagination went wild with the latest Audi A1. X-Tomi honored us with the cool A1 Allroad Quattro, the exceptional RS1, the really nice Clubsport Quattro and even the Avant.

Audi A1 Allroad Quattro

Xtomi Imagines the Audi A1 Allroad Quattro, RS1, Clubsport Quattro, and the Avant
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The Audi A1 Allroad Quattro would be a blast with a 2.0-liter engine, Quattro all-wheel drive, and higher ground clearance. X-Tomi Design digitally integrated roof rails, body claddings, and some other details giving us a unique look at the more adventurous side of the new Audi A1 that isn’t afraid to take the less-beaten path.

While I doubt a version like this will ever surface, the Volkswagen Group has been known to do similar experiments with B segment cars in the past. First off, the Polo Cross does exist, and it is similarly styled. The Skoda Fabia Scout is another example. Outside of VAG, there is also Fiat Panda and the latest Ford Fiesta Active. All of them are just more rugged versions of B segment cars.

The main problem with an Audi like this would be its price. I can see it being really expensive, but not impossible to produce by any means. The tech is already there.

Audi RS1

Xtomi Imagines the Audi A1 Allroad Quattro, RS1, Clubsport Quattro, and the Avant
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As is the case with the A1 Allroad Quattro, it is not exactly wise to expect to meet the RS1 in real life either. Not because they cannot make it - they definitely can - but Audi Sport and its CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, have some other priorities.

Earlier this year, when informing the media about Audi Sport plans, Winkelmann reported that SUVs are the future. He said that “a CUV shift is due; we are working on it, and you will see it coming.” The Audi RS Q8 we already wrote about is one of those we will see coming.

But, if the RS1 comes into focus, this is what it could be.

No; it would not have a tuned up version of the 2.5-liter, five-cylinder. It’s more likely that it would land an engine from the Audi S3 - a 2.0-liter TFSI with 300 horsepower. After all, the current S-line has a 2.0-liter with 200 horsepower, the S1 will have a 250 horsepower engine, and the RS1 with 300 horsepower isn’t actually a stretch. With Quattro all-wheel drive, an S-Tronic transmission, and the stiffest suspension of all Audi A1 cars, the imagined RS1 would be as quick as the Porsche Cayman and madly fun around the track.

Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro

Xtomi Imagines the Audi A1 Allroad Quattro, RS1, Clubsport Quattro, and the Avant
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Yes; X-Tomi imagined this one too. Not that we are surprised as the A1 Clubsport Quattro, as noted above, was one of the sickest small cars ever imagined. While the concept car from 2011 was just that - a concept car - a year later, Audi released the production A1 Quattro. It had a 2.0-liter, 256-horsepower engine and was limited to just 333 examples.

The new car X-Tomi imagined takes all the known styling causes from that little pocket rocket. Interestingly enough, the new A1 Clubsport Quattro is definitely a bigger possibility than the RS1 or the Allroad Quattro. It would work, at least in a “limited production” sense, anyway.

Audi A1 Avant

Xtomi Imagines the Audi A1 Allroad Quattro, RS1, Clubsport Quattro, and the Avant
- image 784773

While it is an interesting proposition, the Audi A1 Avant isn’t going to happen. This breed of cars almost died out. In Europe alone, only a handful of wagons of this segment survived - the Škoda Fabia Combi and the Renault Clio Estate being the most obvious entries. While Audi could craft an appealing car, I am not convinced many would buy it, and it may even cripple the exclusivity of the Audi A1. After all, this is a style- and fashion-conscious car. Not exactly a practical stuff mover.
Nevertheless, the X-Tomi designed Audi A1 Avant looks cool even if it is the least appealing of the bunch.

Final Thoughts

X-Tomi did create a number of cool Audi A1 knock-offs, but only one of them has the possibility to enter the production - the A1 Clubsport Quattro. As for the rest, the most they could do is reach some sort of concept phase or end up being developed by Audi apprentices for presentation on the Worthersee tours or something similar.

Regardless, X-Tomi, we have a message for you - keep on drawing these things up. They are awesome.

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