It’s no happening in real life, but we can still dream of a Z4 Coupe, can’t we?

Auto rendering artist X-Tomi Design has released a rendering of the BMW Z4, or at least what it could’ve looked like if BMW decided to offer it as a coupe model instead of a roadster. For the record, the rendering isn’t an indication that BMW is planning on releasing a coupe version of the Z4 Roadster. The German automaker has already said that there are no plans to build such a model, adding that the coupe version of the Roadster is actually the Toyota Supra, the car that it shares its underpinnings with. So take what you can from this rendering. Like it, love it, appreciate it. This is probably as close as we’re going to get in seeing the new Z4 Roadster in coupe form.

2019 BMW Z4 Exterior
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I never thought a coupe version would look sexier than a roadster version, but I’m on the other side of the fence here.

I never thought a coupe version would look sexier than a roadster version, but I’m on the other side of the fence here. Granted, we don’t get to see the front and rear sections of the rendered Z4 Coupe, but you can tell from the side profile that the Z4 looks really good with a fixed metal roof instead of the fabric roof that the new Z4 Roadster comes with.

It’s hard to say if the coupe looks better than the roadster without seeing the front and back parts, and perhaps we’re never going to find that out. But if there’s anything that X-Tomi Design’s rendering showed us, it’s that the Z4 Roadster has far more potential to it than BMW probably thought it had. That, or BMW and Toyota had an agreement that one company will strictly build a roadster and the other a coupe so that they don’t directly compete with each other. That would make sense if there’s an agreement that both brands chose not to disclose to the public.

Even if there was an agreement, it’s not going to change the belief that a coupe version of the new Z4 makes sense. Perhaps we’ll see one someday if an owner decides to go the aftermarket route to do it. But if BMW never brings a coupe version of the Z4 Roadster, or maybe just a hard-top version of the roadster, it’s going to feel like the automaker left something on the table.

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