Growing demand for green vehicles leads to growing green businesses

YASA, a leading manufacturer of electric motors, has just opened a new factory in Oxford, England, giving the company a major boost in production levels. Previously capped at 2,000 units, the new facility will pump out 100,000 axial-flux electric motors per year. Nearly 80 percent of YASA’s production is exported to countries around the globe for use in both hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Nissan and Jaguar Land Rover are two of YASA’s biggest customers, but automakers in China are also important customers of the British firm. YASA’s new factory comes as a result of a major £15 million ($21 million U.S. dollar) investment and supply agreements with several automakers.

Dr. Chris Harris, YASA’s CEO, said, “Our customers are looking to adopt innovative new technologies such as YASA’s axial-flux electric motors and controllers in order to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding hybrid and pure electric automotive market. This additional £15 million in growth funding will enable YASA to further invest in the volume production capacity necessary to meet our customers’ requirements, and to address markets beyond automotive including aerospace and marine.”

According to Harris’ comments, YASA isn’t limiting itself to just ground-based transportation. That could mean big business for the U.K. company as hybrid and electric drives become more and more common.


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