The supercar’s configurator is online and ready to go

The brand-new McLaren 720S, which was just unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, has now received its very own configurator on the company’s website. Yup, it’s time to create your dream supercar!

The configuration begins by selecting the trim. The 720S is available in three versions, with the Luxury and Performance trims receiving additional equipment. As soon as you pick the model, the configurator takes you to the exterior color section. And it really becomes interesting, as the 720S is available in no fewer than 34 colors.

Only five are standard, no-cost paints, including white, blue, silver, McLaren Orange, and Storm Grey. There are seven more hues in the "Special" category, including Aurora Blue, Memphis Red, and Quartz, and eight in the "Elite" class. This one includes a few spectacular choices like Volcaco Yellow, Solis, Azores, and Bourbon. Finally, there’s the "MSO Defined" category with 14 choices, including Papaya Spark, Burton Blue, Polaris BlueLantana Purple, Fistral Blue, and Mauvine Blue.

Next up, you have to pick a set of wheels. Choices include five-twin-spoke sport cast, five-twin-spoke lightweight, and ten-spoke super-lightweight. The base rims are available in either silver or stealth finishes, while the lightweights come in either platinum, titanium liquid metal, or satin diamond cut. The ten-spoke wheels are offered in similar finishes. For calipers, you can pick between eight colors with silver McLaren logo. Pirelli P Zero is the standard choice for tires, but track-ready Corsa rubber is optional.

Other exterior options include a host of carbon-fiber upgrades. You can have several body components in this lightweight material, including the side mirrors, headlamps housings, splitter, front bonnet, engine hood, and diffuser. The same goes for the interior, where you can add carbon-fiber seats and components all around. The only drawback is that the trim is either black or black and Scoria Grey, but you can add a dash of color by selecting orange seat belts. However, MSO will be happy to "paint" the cockpit in any color you want for an extra fee.

When it comes to entertainment, you can pick between the standard four-speaker audio system or the optional, 12-speaker, Bowers & Wilkins unit. The McLaren Telemetry is also available with laptime function and three cameras. There’s a lot to add to the car when it comes to safety too. Options include 360-degree park assist, front & rear parking sensors, rear-view camera, a volumetric alarm upgrade, and a vehicle tracking system. Finally, there’s all sorts of practical things like a car cover, floor mats, fire extinguisher, an ashtray, and a lithium-ion battery charger.

Unfortunately, there’s no pricing for each of these items, so you’ll have to contact a dealer to get a sticker. But I guess it doesn’t matter much when you’re like me, and can’t afford one. Anyway, my dream 720S is finished in Lantana Purple, sports ten-spoke wheels in satin diamond cut and yellow brake calipers, and every carbon-fiber option but the front bonnet. Post your choice and design in the comments section below .

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Ciprian’s McLaren 720S

You Can Build your Dream McLaren 720S Now Exterior
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You Can Build your Dream McLaren 720S Now Exterior
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