Ain’t the Internet grand? Not only does it allow you to go shopping in your underwear, it also lets like-minded individuals come together and geek out over virtually anything. Such is the case with car nerds like you and me, and now hypercar-baron Christian Von Koenigsegg wants you to ask him something. Anything.

Fans, gearheads, or just confused old people trying to log into their email can post questions for Mr. Koenigsegg on the company’s website here (sorry Grandma, I don’t remember your Hotmail password either). The “best” dozen or so will be picked and answered, based on public interest, the number of times a question is asked, and whether or not the topic can be discussed (barred subjects include undisclosed specifics on future models, which star Mr. Koenigsegg’s home planet revolves around, etc.).

“This whole weblog effort is focused on building a deeper connection with our customers and our fans,” the company says. “We want to bring you inside Koenigsegg as much as possible.”

I have two questions to ask:

First, Mr. Koenigsegg, do you see series hybrid technology as a necessity for the future of hypercars, and if so, on what kind of timescale? And second, do you shave your head to improve your own power-to-weight ratio, or is it more for aerodynamics?

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Why it matters

Koenigsegg has extremely low volume, even for a top-echelon performance make. However, the products it creates are hugely visible, with speed freaks from all over the world oohing and ahhing over the insane figures and wild styling. Stuff like this AMA should help to solidify that ravenous fan base, and if every kid has a poster of a Koenigsegg, you can bet those that can actually afford the car are more likely to want one too. I just hope whoever is responsible for picking the questions chooses good ones, because stuff like this can turn into a straight up brand-stroking session (how does it feel to drive a Regera? I’m guessing pretty flipping great).

2016 Koenigsegg Regera

2017 Koenigsegg Regera High Resolution Exterior
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Koenigsegg Regera 2.7 Seconds

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