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Priced from $143,600 before options and delivery, the Porsche 911 GT3 isn’t exactly an affordable sports car. But, even though most of us can’t afford one, it doesn’t mean we can’t dream about taking a GT3 home some day. And the configurator for the new 911 GT3 is here to encourage you to do just that by designing the sports car of your dreams.

Although not as customizable as other high-profile supercars, the new 911 GT3 comes with plenty of options inside and out. The exterior can now be ordered in several colors, including the Lava Orange that Porsche introduced on the GT3 RS and Miami Blue, a light shade of blue with a hint of turquoise. These colors, alongside the familiar Carmine Red and Chalk, are the most expensive, being priced from $4,220. The metallic range, which includes seven options, including Graphite Blue and Sapphire blue, costs $720. If you’re looking to save some cash, you can go with the four, no-cost standard colors - black, white, Guards Red, and Racing Yellow.

Moving over to wheels, the 911 GT3 is restricted to a set of 20-inch, double-twin-spoke rims. However, they can be finished in either satin aluminum, satin platinum, satin black, and satin black with a Guards Red outer lip. These options cost $1,220, while the red lip adds another $700.

More customization is possible via Porsche Exclusive, which offers a range of exterior options such as painted logos and lettering, black headlamps with PDLS, body-colored side skirts, gloss black door handles and lower mirror caps, carbon-fiber upper mirror caps, and aluminum look fuel cap. The black headlamps are the most expensive at $2,900, while the carbon mirrors fetch $1,420.

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Interior and Performance Upgrades

You Can Now Configure The Porsche 911 GT3 Of Your Dreams High Resolution Exterior
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There’s plenty of fun to be had inside the cabin, where you can add Platinum Grey or red stitching to the standard leather and Alcantara upholstery. You can also ditch the standard sport seats for the Adaptive, 18-way adjustable units priced at $2,640 or the full bucket seats priced at $5,200. Porsche Exclusive options also include painted A/C vents and slats, instrument dials in either white or red, and seat belts in either Guards Red, Racing Yellow, or Silver Grey. Interestingly enough, having painted air vents and slats — $1,720 each — costs more than the painted instrument dials and Sport Chrono clock.

You Can Now Configure The Porsche 911 GT3 Of Your Dreams High Resolution Interior
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You can also opt to have a wide range of elements wrapped in leather or Alcantara, including the dashboard, steering column, sun visors, or door trim. The aluminum pedals and footrest will set you back $630, while having personalized door-sill guards in stainless steel costs $1,210. If you’re a fan of carbon-fiber, you can get packages for both standard and leather interiors. Options also include carbon floor mats with leather edging and door-sill guards, both with the option to personalize them. Finally, you can make the cabin friendlier for long trips by adding a Bose surround sound system for $1,600.

If you wish to enhance performance, you’ll have to pay $2,590 for a front axle lift system and a whopping $9,210 for the Porsche Ceramic Composite brakes. The Sport Chrono Package with Preparation of Lap Trigger costs $550, while extending the fuel tank will set you back another $140.

You Can Now Configure The Porsche 911 GT3 Of Your Dreams High Resolution Exterior
- image 711257
You Can Now Configure The Porsche 911 GT3 Of Your Dreams High Resolution Exterior
- image 711268

The Porsche Experience Center delivery in Atlanta is a no-cost option, and includes a tour of the Porsche Experience Center facility, lunch at Restaurant 356 overlooking the track, a 90-minute instructed track session in an equivalent car, and one-on-one private delivery of your new Porsche. Pretty neat!

Option Prices

Exterior Colors
Carra White Metallic $720
Jet Black Metallic $720
Graphite Blue Metallic $720
Rhodium Silver Metallic $720
Sapphire Blue Metallic $720
Agate Grey Metallic $720
GT Silver Metallic $720
Carmine Red $4,220
Chalk $4,220
Lava Orange $4,220
Miami Blue $4,220
Wheels Painted in Satin Aluminum $1,220
Wheels Painted in Satin Platinum $1,220
Wheels Painted in Satin Black $1,220
Wheels Painted in Satin Black with Outer Lip in Guards Red $1,920
Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) $9,210
Leather/Alcantara® Interior Package in Black with Platinum Grey Stitching $3,480
Leather/Alcantara® Interior Package in Black with Red Stitching $3,480
Adaptive Sport Seats Plus (18-way) $2,640
Full Bucket Seats $5,200

My Build

You Can Now Configure The Porsche 911 GT3 Of Your Dreams High Resolution Exterior
- image 711452
You Can Now Configure The Porsche 911 GT3 Of Your Dreams High Resolution Exterior
- image 711453
You Can Now Configure The Porsche 911 GT3 Of Your Dreams High Resolution Interior
- image 711451

I added quite a few options and customized the 911 GT3 with a strong black over red contrast. I went with the Carmine Red paint and black headlamps and picked the black wheels with the red outer lip. I selected a similar interior, with red accents on the seats, and dashboard, as well as a red stripe on the steering wheel and red Sport Chrono clock. The dials are white for a higher contrast with the instrument cluster. Picked some carbon-fiber trims too, but I left the personalized stuff out in favor of the simpler options. I also selected the Sport Chrono package and the carbon brakes for the best possible performance. Finally, I also checked the Bose surround system simply because I like to listed to music during long trips. Yeah, I know, the 911 GT3 isn’t the kind of car to take on vacation, but heck, it doesn’t mean I can’t drive it for hours on back roads. My build costs $188,630 including delivery, which means I added $45,000 worth of options. Damn, that’s only $10,000 short of a base 718 Cayman.

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Source: Porsche

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