• You Can Now Drag Race The Bugatti Bolide in CSR Racing 2

Drive the incredible Bugatti Bolide on your mobile device in CSR Racing 2!

Bugatti unveiled the spectacular Bolide in October 2020 as its lightest, quickest, and most powerful creation to date. But the Bolide is described as an "experimental study," which means it’s a prototype or concept car that won’t go into production. We might not even see it in the metal anytime soon, but you can now drag race it in the CSR Racing 2 mobile game.

What is CSR Racing 2?

Basically, the first game to get the new Bugatti Bolide, CSR Racing 2, is a mobile game in which players can compete against each other in drag races with a wide variety of vehicles.

The game includes a list of more than 50 cars, ranging from entry-level sports cars to full-blown supercars and tuner vehicles. CSR Racing 2 is about drag racing and updating cars. Winning races translates into scoring points, which can be used to upgrade or purchase new vehicles.

The Bolide is the 11th Bugatti car available in CSR Racing 2, joining the Centodieci, Chiron, Chiron Pur Sport, Chiron Sport, Chiron Super Sport 300+, Divo, EB110, La Voiture Noire, Veyron Super Sport, and Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. In short, you’ll find all of Bugatti’s modern production models in this game.

It’s a shame that CSR Racing 2 is a quarter-mile-only game — it would have been nice to be able to drive the Bolide on a race track — but beggars can’t be choosers. Let’s hope that the Bolide will soon become available in other that include track racing.

The Bugatti Bolide is not just another Chiron

You Can Now Drag Race The Bugatti Bolide in CSR Racing 2
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Although it looks like a more radical version of the Chiron, the Bolide is actually a brand-new vehicle that features a new carbon-fiber monocoque and a far more extreme outer shell. It packs the same quad-turbo, 8.0-liter W-16 engine under the hood, but the mill features a long list of upgrades. Bugatti says the W-16 cranks out 1,824 horsepower and 1,364 pound-feet, figures that make it the most powerful vehicle from the French brand. That’s 345 horsepower more than the regular Chiron and 246 horses over the Centodieci and Chiron Super Sport 300+, but only as long as the engine is running on 110-octane fuel.

At 2,733 pounds, a whopping 1,623 pounds lighter than the Centodieci, the Bolide is the lightest Bugatti yet. Bugatti claims a Nurburgring lap of 5:23.1 minutes and a Le Mans lap of 3:07.1 minutes, but both are based on simulations and haven’t been tested. So while the Bolide is indeed spectacular, it’s also more of a virtual supercar that will not hit race tracks to prove its performance claims.

But I won’t complain as long as I get to race it in the virtual world.

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