• You Can Now Personalize Your McLaren Sports Series With More MSO Upgrades

There is lots of carbon fiber to go around.

If you own a model as prominent as a McLaren, you can’t just throw on some aftermarket parts or paint if you want some individualization. I mean, after all, people have literally been killed for less. But, that’s okay, because McLaren Special Operations has your back, and has just announced a whole new range of protective and personalization parts for models from the Sports Series, including the 540C, 570S, and 570GT. The parts don’t only bring the ability for current and new owners to personalize their rides, but also offer a bit of weight savings as well.

To start off, MSO is offering indoor and outdoor car covers, branded floor mats, and branded luggage bin mats. It’s also offering a new front skid plate that will protect the front diffuser should things get a little rough and the front end winds up coming in contact with the pavement. But, what’s more important are the new wheel designs that are available in stealth, silver, and diamond cut finishes, and there’s a new list of lightweight, colored brake calipers to choose from as well. But, on a deeper level, MSI is now offering a full range of carbon fiber parts for the exterior that include the side intakes, mirror casings, side skirts, aero blades, front splitter, rear bumper, rear wing, rear diffuser, and the rear deck and plenum cover. These are offered in three different packs, but can also be purchased individually. The will provide some weight savings over their standard equivalents as well.

But, it doesn’t stop there, either. The interior of the aforementioned models can also be customized with some extra carbon fiber as well. There are four components to choose from, including carbon fiber switch packs with IRIS surround, carbon fiber upper speaker surround, carbon fiber sill finisher with McLaren branding, and carbon fiber side tunnels.

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You Can Now Personalize Your McLaren Sports Series With More MSO Upgrades High Resolution Interior
- image 711045
You Can Now Personalize Your McLaren Sports Series With More MSO Upgrades High Resolution Interior
- image 711046

It’s nice to see brands like McLaren offering up new components for not only new customers but current owners as well. After all, who doesn’t like to improve the look of their ride every now and again? On top of that, these upgrades are also available through all McLaren retailers and can be fitted to McLaren Qualified vehicles as well. Of course, there’s no word as to how much the carbon fiber packs or the individual parts will set you back, but surely they’ll be priced reasonably to those with the kind of pocket depth that warrants owning one of the world’s best cars anyway.

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Press Release

A new range of official options and accessories developed by McLaren will allow owners of 540C, 570S and 570GT to protect their vehicles from the elements and the rigours of road driving, and give them even more individual appeal. The collection of meticulously crafted upgrades is available for all McLaren Sports Series models and can be purchased from, and fitted by, McLaren retailers.

McLaren protection products designed to keep the high specification materials of the Sport Series in pristine condition include indoor and outdoor vehicle covers as well as branded floor and luggage bin mats. Also available are front skid plates, which protect the aerodynamically-optimised front diffuser from contact with the ground.

You Can Now Personalize Your McLaren Sports Series With More MSO Upgrades High Resolution Exterior
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Customers wanting to add a personal touch to their Sports Series can choose from a wealth of beautifully crafted exterior and interior customisation options. Exterior modifications include a wide variety of expertly engineered, forged alloy wheel designs available in stealth, silver and diamond cut finishes, as well as several lightweight and coloured brake calipers. Three carbon fibre packs are also available as separate items, with the following components able to be fitted at the customer’s convenience:

Carbon fibre side intakes
Carbon fibre mirror casings
Carbon fibre side skirts
Carbon fibre aero blades
Carbon fibre front splitter
Carbon fibre rear bumper
Carbon fibre rear wing
Carbon fibre rear diffuser
Carbon fibre rear deck and plenum cover

All have been engineered to provide weight savings over standard equivalents and perfectly complement each other.

You Can Now Personalize Your McLaren Sports Series With More MSO Upgrades High Resolution Interior
- image 711045

The driver-focused and sporty ambience of the Sports Series cabin can be further enhanced with coloured seat belts and a carbon fibre steering wheel, featuring extended gear paddles and a grip area finished in either leather or Alcantara®. Additionally, the following components have been selected to complement the uncluttered layout of the Sports Series interior:

Carbon fibre switch packs and IRIS surround
Carbon fibre upper speaker surround
Carbon fibre sill finisher with McLaren branding
Carbon fibre side tunnels

At the pinnacle of McLaren’s Genuine Accessories range is a portfolio of McLaren Special Operations (MSO) options which have been designed, engineered and developed by the MSO team with the same care and attention they lavish on the bespoke projects they undertake. Key items in the MSO collection include front splitter, rear wing and rear bumper – any of which can elevate the Sports Series to a new level of exclusivity.

You Can Now Personalize Your McLaren Sports Series With More MSO Upgrades High Resolution Exterior
- image 711041

All McLaren Sports Series options and accessories can be fitted to existing customer cars or specified on McLaren Qualified vehicles by McLaren retailers. For a full list of McLaren retail locations worldwide, please visit: http://www.retailers.mclaren.com/. The options are also available on new vehicles and specified at point of order.

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