• You Have to Love Watching Ken Block Hoon The All-Electric Ford Fiesta ERX

Rest assured, this electric, rally-ready Fiesta is just as mean as the ICE one

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Ken Block needs no introduction by now. The inventor of Gymkhana has gathered a huge fan base on- and off-line, and for good reason: he’s been sitting behind the wheel in cool rides since forever. Speaking of those, this time around, Mr. Block gets to shakedown the living daylight out of the all-electric Ford Fiesta ERX that he actually raced over the last weekend in FIA’s World Rallycross Project E race series. And as usual, some tire slaying ensued.

I didn’t know an electric rally car even existed!

Well, it’s pretty real. T

he Fiesta ERX is built by Austria’s STARD on the Ford Fiesta Mark 8 ST body shell, which receives the company’s REVelution powertrain.

In other words, three electric motors splashing out 450 kilowatts (603 horsepower) and 1002 Newton-meter (739 pound-feet) of torque sent to all four corners through a pair of two-speed gearboxes – one for each axle.

Feeding the motors is a 450-kWh battery pack that generates so much heat that it has to be cooled with dry ice.
You Have to Love Watching Ken Block Hoon The All-Electric Ford Fiesta ERX
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At the same time, the ERX can reach a top speed of 240 kph (150 mph) and each unit demands €374,000, or around $441,000.

Ford Fiesta ERX specifications
Motor three electric
Power 603 HP
Torque 739 LB-FT
Battery Pack 450-kWh
Top Speed 150 mph
You Have to Love Watching Ken Block Hoon The All-Electric Ford Fiesta ERX
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The video you’re about to see is shot in mid-west Sweden and in typical Ken Block fashion, in includes jumps, drifts, a lot of e-motor whining, and a lot of burned tire. As for the future of motorsport, it’s safe to say that while the next years might bring a mix between ICE-focused and EV-only disciplines, the latter is slowly but steadily trickling down the sport’s branches.

It’s too early to talk about a majority of EV motorsport niches, but given the immense performance potential that can be squeezed out of an all-electric powertrain, we’re expecting more race cars such as the Fiesta ERX to pop up in the coming years.

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