• You Have To See The Hoonicorn Take on This Wicked 4-Rotor, AWD Mazda RX-7

Will the Hoonicorn be handed its first loss in a straight-line race?

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Ken Block’s Hoonicorn is on a mission to conquer the world. The drag racing world, that is.

You’re probably familiar with the Hoonicorn vs The World series running on Hoonigan’s YouTube channel. If you’re not, then this video might as well serve as a pretty neat crash course, because the Hoonicorn is racing a car that it inspired.

You Have To See The Hoonicorn Take on This Wicked 4-Rotor, AWD Mazda RX-7
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Back in 2014, the Hoonicorn was announced as Ken Block’s newest and raddest Gymkhana car. To this day, the Hoonicorn has shred mountains of tires and as of 2020, it’s demolishing cars on the drag strip. Some of its victims so far include the McLaren Senna, the world’s fastest Audi RS3, the world’s fastest donk, and the Cummins-powered 1949 Ford Truck that’s currently the quickest diesel vehicle to go up the mountain at Pikes Peak.

As you can see, these are all impressive cars that fell under the Hoonicorn’s sword in a series of drag races that were actually inspired by a kid playing Forza Horizon 4 and pitting the drift-ready Mustang against all sorts of supercars and hypercars.

You Have To See The Hoonicorn Take on This Wicked 4-Rotor, AWD Mazda RX-7
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Speaking of which, Rob Dahm’s 1,240-horsepower four-rotor, AWD Mazda RX-7 isn’t something you buy off the shelf but it’s one of the wildest RX-7s we’ve seen in a while. And with that much firepower in the barrel, well, it falls right into hypercar territory.

In a way, the RX-7 is pretty similar to the Hoonicorn in the sense that it was built and developed in a garage and not bought as it is. Sure, these days it’s easy to buy a Senna or a 720S and just smash the competition on the drag strip, but one-off projects require more time, more passion, and a fair share of patience to trial and error.

Was it worth it? The video below has the answer but we won’t tell.

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