• You Have To See This Ridiculous Looking Toyota Supra Concept Rendering

It’s like the Supra and the Cybertruck had a baby

There isn’t a shortage of means to customize your Toyota Supra. The variety of widebody kits and performance tune-ups can please even the most demanding customer but it’s most often than not a rad design study that fully captures our attention.

Now, while 911s turned into off-road trailblazers are quite a common sight these days, safari-style Supras are still to be invented. This design study might make a good starting point, actually.

Instagram account Flat Hat 3D hasn’t been on our radar - shame on us! - but once it popped up in our feeds, we were hooked. His more recent work, a Cybertruck-ized Toyota Supra, looks like something we’d want to see on the street but probably won’t, as it’s not going to pass pedestrian safety standards anytime soon.

Between you and me, given the raised stance of the design study and the chunky tires and rally-style wheels it rests on, it would be better off smashing sand dunes or raising clouds of dust on a rally stage. We’re definitely allowed to dream, especially since the artist isn’t offering a lot of details about the project.

You Have To See This Ridiculous Looking Toyota Supra Concept Rendering
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In fact, all we get is that the Cyber Supra, as he calls it, was inspired by the Ford F-550-underpinned Karlmann King SUV and it’s supposed to be 100% bulletproof.

In case that’s not your cup of tea, Flat Hat 3D came up with a more JDM-centric, a la Rocket Bunny body kit for the Supra. It has the two exhaust pipes mounted on each side of the rear diffuser and those white tires look absolutely delicious.

That said, what kind of Supra would tickle your fancy? The off-road brute or the widebody racer?

2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0 specifications
Engine 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder with twin-scroll single turbo
Horsepower 255 HP @ 5,000 - 6,500 RPM
Torque 295 LB-FT @ 1,550 - 4,400 RPM
Transmission ZF 8-speed automatic
Weight 3,181 lbs
0 - 60 mph 5.0 seconds
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