• You’ll Crave the Normal Kidney Grille After Seeing This Render of the BMW M4

Is a smaller grille better for the new BMW M4?

The new-generation BMW M4 arrived with many firsts for the nameplate. It generates more than 500 horsepower in Competition trim, it’s available with ventilated seats, and it can also be fitted with an all-wheel-drive system. But it’s also the first of its kind to feature a massive kidney grille that stretches over the entire height of the front fascia, a design feature that’s controversial, to say the least. Not a fan of the new grille? Well, here’s how the new-generation M4 looks like with a regular grille from the standard 3 Series.

You'll Crave the Normal Kidney Grille After Seeing This Render of the BMW M4
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No, this isn’t a special-edition M4 or an aftermarket mod. It’s a rendering made by Abimelec Design.

The alteration goes beyond slapping the grille of the regular 3 Series onto the M4's face.

It features a sportier design with sharper corners and we can clearly see that it was designed around the M4’s actual grille.

What’s more, the big grille wasn’t deleted entirely. The lower section is still visible in the apron, but the center section is covered by a body panel. The concept is a bit similar to older Audi models, which featured a license plate section that separated the upper and lower sections of the Singleframe grille.

The new grille changes the M4 appearance rather dramatically, but does it make it better? Is the M4 more appealing with a smaller grille or is it just a boring version of the real deal? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Abimelec Design

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