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There’s nothing like crashes with surprising results that get our nerves flowing. That’s especially true when we’re dealing with trucks crashing into barriers, specifically those of the anti-terrorism kind. These crashes are spectacular, if not a little scary.

This video stretches almost three-and-a-half minutes and it’s full of metal on metal crime. Give it a watch and see what happens when terrorists think that they can just run over these barriers. Spoiler alert: these barriers have zero give.

Truck barriers

Vehicle protection barriers stopping trucks in split seconds :O Cr: Elkosta Protection systems

Posted by Toughest Cars on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

What you’re about to see is a lot of destruction condensed in three minutes and 30 seconds of metal crashing into concrete, metal, and whatever else these anti-terrorist barriers are made of. If you’re the type who enjoys crash tests of this kind, you’re going to enjoy watching this video.

First, it’s incredible how strong these anti-terrorist barriers are. You’re looking at trucks weighing at least four to five tons getting absolutely smashed by barriers that don’t look that imposing on their own. Truck cabs cave, shatter, or fly off like they’re nothing more than paperweights when they crash into these barriers. Even more impressive is that these barriers barely flinch; a six-ton truck crashes into one of them and they just stand there, completely indestructible. It does, at the very least, make you wonder what these barriers are made of, right?

You'll Probably Love Watching These Trucks Smash Into Anti-Terrorist Barriers
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Well, anti-terrorism barriers are made from different materials. Some are made from concrete while others are made from steel, brass, copper, aluminum, iron, and bronze.

Some barriers are even made from recycled scrap tires.

Whatever the material, these anti-terrorist barriers have become important safety measures to prevent terrorist attacks in the streets of the world.

You'll Probably Love Watching These Trucks Smash Into Anti-Terrorist Barriers
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Some barriers are capable of stopping vehicles weighing as much as four or five tons running at speeds in excess of 40 mph. Mind you, these barriers don’t just stop vehicles; they destroy them. It’s hard to describe the carnage that happens to a rampaging truck anytime they stare down one of these anti-terrorism barriers. It’s best to just go see it for yourself.

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