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You Might Not Like What’s About to Happen to the Chevy Camaro

GM’s plans do not include a Chevy Camaro coupe after 2024

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Back in December of 2020 a report from Which Car claimed that the Chevy Camaro would live on until 2026, at which point the Camaro name could be called off altogether. Now a new report from Automotive News claims that the Camaro will be discontinued in 2024 along with the Malibu. After that, however, things could get very interesting.

Say Goodbye to the Chevy Camaro and Malibu

You Might Not Like What's About to Happen to the Chevy Camaro Exterior
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A four-door performance sedan does make sense, given the popularity of cars like the Mercedes EQS and Tesla Model S

The good news is that GM plans to keep around some of its fuel-powered vehicles in some form or another for a little while, mainly to ease the transition to full-on electrification by 2035. The bad news is that the Chevy Malibu and, more importantly, the Chevy Camaro won’t live on through 2024 despite previous rumors that the Camaro would see extended production. Of course, this isn’t surprising since GM killed off the Camaro Z28 before it could launch, with poor sales being the primary catalyst.

What’s interesting about this latest report is that it’s still unclear if the Malibu and Camaro will be replaced by EVs, or if both models will die off while a new “electric performance sedan” takes their place.
You Might Not Like What's About to Happen to the Chevy Camaro Exterior
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However, will the Camaro name fare well on a performance sedan?

Either way, neither will be directly replaced and given the nature of the current automotive climate, it would make sense for an electric family sedan and a performance car in light of what the Camaro once was. Even the idea of a four-door performance sedan makes sense – the Tesla Model S and the Mercedes EQS do get a lot of attention. But, how deep can GM go with its Ultium electric platform?

That very platform is capable of handling a 1,000-horsepower electric powertrain that feeds the new Hummer EV life and it will be found under the new Silverado EV. The question now is how well GM can manage performance on smaller scale vehicles. Can a GM performance sedan compete with the Tesla Model S or the Mercedes EQS? How about the recently discovered Audi RS6 E-Tron? If GM plays its cards right, it could find itself in all-new company. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but it’s entirely possible. And, if the Camaro name is plastered on a performance sedan, it’s still better than slapping it on yet another SUV, right?

You Might Not Like What's About to Happen to the Chevy Camaro Exterior
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A new report is saying that the Camaro (and the Malibu) will be replaced by an electric vehicle

Looking further, Automotive News is also reporting that GM is planning to replace the Chevy Spark, Trax, Bolt EV, and Buick Encore with electric crossovers within the next year or two. GM certainly isn’t wasting any time, that’s for sure.

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