The brand is quite serious about it and is going ahead with the plan at full speed

While we are busy talking about Porsche launching the Taycan — just one electric sports — here is Peugeot looking to electrify its whole lineup over the next couple of years! Talk about walking ahead of time.

That’s An Ambitious Plan

You Might Spot Electrified Peugeot Sports Cars Ripping The Roads As Early As 2020 Exterior
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The French automaker has halted the development of its diesel engines and will focus on producing new plug-in hybrid vehicles. It showcased a set of them at the 2018 Paris Auto Show as well. Now, the brand is looking to electrify its sports car range as part of their strategy to reduce CO2 emissions.

The electrified sports cars will reach us as early as 2020 and will be developed in collaboration with the Peugeot Sport division.

What They Had To Say

Peugeot Launches a New Plug-In Hybrid Engine Range for the 3008 and 508
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Commenting on the new ideology, Peugeot’s CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato said, “Driving pleasure is at the heart of the brand’s history.

Electrification is a new opportunity to offer new high-performance versions to our customers looking for low-emission sports sensations.

Driving sensations will be amplified by the performance provided by electrification. New territories to be explored, new challenges to be met, the adventure of the Peugeot brand continues for an exciting future. Boredom will never be part of our DNA.”

What Does The Future Hold?

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Although Peugeot didn’t announce the exact Peugeot Sport models that will go through the transformation, it is rumored that the 508R could be one of them.

The 508R might come with 1.4-liter, internal combustion engine that produces around 345 ponies that is paired with an electric motor.

The car would come with an all-wheel-drive system as standard. As far as the sprint timings are concerned, it should accelerate from naught to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds, before topping out at 155 mph. With these figures, the 508R can be pitted against the Audi S4.


You Might Spot Electrified Peugeot Sports Cars Ripping The Roads As Early As 2020 Exterior
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There is also a possibility that the next-gen 308 GTi and 208 GTi will be electrified in addition to some upcoming sporty crossovers with similar electrified powertrains.

Additionally, Peugeot also said it will backout from the WRX championship at the end of the current season, citing reasons that its “evolution towards electrification is uncertain.”

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You Might Spot Electrified Peugeot Sports Cars Ripping The Roads As Early As 2020 Exterior
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