8-second quarter-mile runs? Yeah, it can do that...

When the new A90 Supra finally hit the shelves, some frowned and some jumped for joy. Those who frowned backed up their naysaying with the argument that the MK V Supra is nothing else than a rebadged BMW Z4, while of those who stood up and applauded, a good chunk was relishing the opportunity to see mad tuning projects based on Toyota’s revived sports car.

You MUST See This Video of the Fastest 2020 Toyota Supra In The Universe
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After all, the previous Supra achieved legend status thanks to its marvellous 2JZ engine that could take in a lot of performance-improving mechanical steroids without even flinching. So today, we’re looking at the fastest 2020 Toyota Supra on the planet. And yeah, it’s modified for drag racing.

Twin-stage nitrous, custom wheels, rear drag radials, carbon fiber seats, and a headlight duct that makes the car look like a mad pirate.
You MUST See This Video of the Fastest 2020 Toyota Supra In The Universe
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These are just some of the highlights of this very special Supra, along with a custom fuel system. Oh, and of course, 950 horsepower squeezed from the B58 inline-six that normally makes 335 horsepower (or 382 in the 2021 Toyota Supra).

Other than that, this Supra can run the quarter-mile in 8.8 or even 8.7 seconds @ 156-153 mph. Then there’s that beautiful engine sound we’ll let you savour in the video below.

You MUST See This Video of the Fastest 2020 Toyota Supra In The Universe
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Instead of a conclusion, we’ll just add that it’s great to see the Supra back in the tuning scene and especially on the drag strip. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the sports car and what mad tuning projects will come out of it.

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