Most Tracks Will Probably Render the Tesla Model S Plaid a Liability Without Some Extreme Modification

With what we’re guessing to be a 130-kWh battery, 1,100 horsepower, and a 0-60 mph sprint of less than two seconds, the Tesla Model S Plaid is – probably – the most extreme production car of the year. It is at least three-tenths of a second faster than the Model S performance and nearly two seconds quicker than the base Long Range Plus model. Add in the 200-mph top speed, and you have the most impressive electric vehicle made thus far and something that could be quite dangerous if left in the wrong hands, and that’s kind of what we’re here to talk about today.

The Model S Plaid Definitely Isn’t Track Worthy

You Probably Can't Take the Tesla Model S Plaid To The Track
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I promise; I don’t come here as a Tesla hater or whatever it is non-fanboys are being called these days. But, that doesn’t change the fact that the Model S Plaid is ridiculously fast and will probably run high-9 or low 10-second quarter-mile sprints. And, as the Drag Trims video embedded below points out, this kind of blistering acceleration means some concessions need to be made. Make no mistake, the Model S Plaid is a real race car, at least as far as specs are concerned, and that’s where the problem lies.

Most drag tracks require that you have certain safety equipment if you hit certain benchmarks.

If you can run more than 150 mph in a quarter-mile, for example, you’ll need to have a parachute. If you dip into the nine-second range, you’ll need a full, approved roll cage. These are two things the Model S just doesn’t have, and it will require some serious modification if you’re actually going to take the Model S to the track. If that’s not for you, I suppose you could always just stick to the road, but I’d hate to see Tesla drivers become the next Mustang drivers, so I suggest you avoid that scenario.

You Probably Can't Take the Tesla Model S Plaid To The Track
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Anyway, check out the video below- it’s quite informative and shares quite a bit of information about the Model S Plaid and some of the cars it can be – oddly – compared to.

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