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You Will Have To Wait A Bit More For The Corvette C8 Z06

Here’s why the Corvette C8 Z06 is being delayed by at least a year

If you were waiting for the C8 Corvette, get ready to wait a bit more. The high-performance variant of the mid-engine Corvette was frequently spotted running tests, over the past year and was expected to hit the dealerships sometime in 2022. However, due to various setbacks, concerning the pandemic, demand for the regular C8 Corvette, and the shortage of materials have necessitated the delay of the Corvette Z06.

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The pandemic certainly had its role to play, but demand for the regular C8 Corvette has also caught GM with “their pants down”. The company literally cannot keep up with demand for their mid-engine sports car. Marketing executive Tony Johnson said in GM Authority that “they are not even close” to keeping up with demand for the C8 Corvette.

GM says it has a solution for increasing production output, but the window is rather short, as the company needs to address the issue while the C8 is still considered a new model. Last year, the C8 was produced in 20,368 copies. Although the figure is impressive for a high-performance mid-engine car, that’s way less than what GM promised it would be able to make, especially considering that the Corvette has consistently been the most produced American V-8 sports car.

You Will Have To Wait A Bit More For The Corvette C8 Z06
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GM is working on a solution to increase production of the C8, while it’s still fresh

The Z06 was initially said to come out at the end of 2021, as a 2022 model, followed by the Gran Sport in 2023, and then the ZR-1 and Zora in 2024. However, due to the above-mentioned circumstances, the unveiling of each model is being delayed at least by a year.

To recap, the Z06 (together with the ZR-1 and Zora) will use Chevy’s newly-developed 5-5-liter flat-plane-crank V-8 unit with a dual-overhead-cam design, instead of the familiar pushrod. The new engine will produce 650 horsepower for the Z06 and up to 1,000 in the ZR-1 and Zora. In the meantime, there are indications that we might not get a Gran Sport at all. Instead, we might get the Corvette E-Ray, as GM is gradually moving towards electrification.

You Will Have To Wait A Bit More For The Corvette C8 Z06
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According to GMAuthority, while we are waiting for the more high-performance versions of the “Vette”, we’ll continue getting limited editions, based on the regular C8, like the C8 Stingray R, which celebrated the model’s success in the 2020 IMSA racing.

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