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For those who think over 500 horsepower and a 0 to 60 time of under 4 seconds isn’t enough

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The Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S Coupe is one of the fastest, most powerful SUVs in Mercedes’ repertoire right now. But German tuner GAD Motors is ready to offer an insane version with almost twice the power over twice the torque. The bundle of insanity that comes out of GAD’s workshop is capable of eating miles down the Autobahn at over 186 mph seemingly effortless.

The GLC-Class is a compact luxury SUV; the jacked up brother of the C-Class sedan. It was launched back in 2015, and the most powerful variant is the AMG-tuned GLC 63 S. It comes with an aggressive aerodynamic package with extended bumpers, side skirts, and huge 20-inch wheels. There’s room for more, though, and GAD Motors is doing just that, exploring the limits of the coupe-bodied SUV to the point that it reaches 62 mph faster than a McLaren 675LT, a Porsche 991 911 GT3 or a Ferrari 488.

The GAD GLC 63 S Is So Devilish That it Should be Red

People nowadays really want that S in SUV to stand for something. Basically, they want an imposing vehicle that’s able to accelerate and reach speeds that breach into Ferrari and Lamborghini territory. All while carrying over 4,000 pounds of weight. Take the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S as an example. Beyond its obnoxiously long name, there’s a properly fast hauler.

In stock trim, the fastest of the GLCs is powered by the 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged, V-8 engine. It develops 503 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 516 pound-feet of torque between 1,750 rpm and 4,500 rpm. Top speed is the German standard: 155 mph. With all of its 4,511 pounds, the GLC 63 S Coupe reaches 62 mph in as little as 3.7 seconds which is impressive enough.

However, if you go to GAD Motors, they'll gladly up the power to 950 horsepower and the torque to a scarcely believable 922 pound-feet of torque.

They achieve this by messing with the turbos, the ECU, and more. The result is staggering: sitting on the same stock rubber of Michelin origin with none of the weight subtracted, the GAD Motors-tuned GLC 63 S Coupe can reach 62 mph in 2.8 seconds, and comfortably exceed 186 mph and, just as easily, 190 mph.

To put that into perspective, the McLaren 675LT, which reaches 62 mph in 2.9 seconds, has a dry weight of 2,711 pounds. And remember that the 675LT has an MSRP of about $330,000. We don’t know how much GAD Motors charges for their magic, but it surely doesn’t amount to that. You could probably buy three GLC 63 S Coupes and have them all tuned by GAD Motors with the money for the ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber supercar.

The German tuner says the car accelerates from 62 mph to 124 mph in 5.4 seconds and does the quarter mile run in 10.3 seconds. In comparison, the same 675LT does the quarter mile in 10.5 seconds while the Aventador SV with all of its 740 horsepower does the quarter mile in 10.4 seconds. Astonishing, right? Also, watching how easily it passes unassuming cars down the highway is quite something too.

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