• You Won’t Believe The Markup One L.A. Dealership Is Adding To The Price Of The New Acura NSX

This should serve as a reminder to shop around before you sign a purchase agreement

The new Acura NSX is a pretty sweet car. It’s unfortunate that we had to wait a little more than a decade for it, but it’s finally here. The best part is that it’s finally starting to hit showrooms here in the U.S., but there is a downside to that as well – dealers can pretty much add whatever markup they want. Still, be prepared to lift your jaw off the floor. International Vehicle Importers has published an image on its Facebook page of what it claims to be the first NSX at an unknown dealership somewhere in Los Angeles.

The shocker here, however, isn’t the fact that it could be the first confirmed sighting in an L.A. showroom. Nope; not at all, in fact. The real shocker is how much extra the dealer wants you to pay for this glorious beast of a car. Keep reading to see the image of the window sticker and to learn more about it.

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Crazy or Fair?

You Won't Believe The Markup One L.A. Dealership Is Adding To The Price Of The New Acura NSX
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As you can see from the image, the NSX in question is pretty well equipped with a number of factory options that bring the total vehicle price, as suggested by Acura, up to $199,000. Of course, the dealer already makes some kind of money off of the sticker price, but this dealer apparently doesn’t feel like he’s making enough. If you look to the right of the image, next to the words “current market value” he has taken it upon himself to add on a pretty nice summer bonus of $50,000, bringing the total cost to $249,000.

While I understand that the car is technically in high demand being so new and desired, I think a markup like that is outrageous. This dealer is obviously trying to line his pockets because, as we all know, there are people with money who are willing to pay, so they don’t have to wait. Be that as it may, I’m going to chalk this one off as crazy. I don’t care how much money I have or how badly I want an NSX; I’ll wait just to save the $50,000. Seems like some excessive price gouging to me and I, for one, hope this dealer sits on the NSX until he is forced to drop the price.

What do you think? Does the current market condition and the desirability of the NSX warrant a price increase equivalent to that of a brand new Mercedes E-Class? Let us know in the comments section below.

Acura NSX

2016 Acura NSX High Resolution Exterior
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Source: International Vehicle Importers

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